I wish I was Khan (4:0 in Diversified Portfolio GNK)

Longi 1651

As the Diversified Portfolio format is supposed to be about fun and trying underrated ID´s I got myself a goal to try out all Criminals and Weyland ID´s I did not play at standard tournaments.

For this GNK I chose Silhouette. I really, really wanted to take the bird Lady first but the build I brew lost 0:3 on jnet and the games were not even close. Since I did not want to dedicate any more time to practising GNK deck, I took a rain check with Khan and chose Silhouette instead, taking build I theory crafted for my friend @Trismagistos.

As it turned out it worked very well. Even though I did not get to fire the ability much as the players were overprotective with their HQs, I still somehow managed to win all four games as the basic shell is just old good criminal. During the evening I faced two Jinja Architects of Tomorrow, Gagarin and Acme Consulting.