Judge! [2-4@Euros]

guiot 555

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Step 1: Make the Runner access Ganked!.

Step 2: Target Ansel 1.0 / Drafter, while they can't break it.

Step 3: Fire the valuable subroutine, while you reinstall Ganked! in the same server.

Step 4: GOTO 1.

NISEI unleashed a new powerful combo with CR1.5, valid in both Standard and Startup. Ganked! was already an interesting card, but now it got a lot more interesting, and I was curious to see what could be done with it.

The result was very messy. Although this deck can do some very fun things (getting your archives back to hand, trashing the Runner's board, dealing 15 brain damage, giving Loki 10 subroutines), it's not very consistent. This is mostly because with Ganked!, you want most of your ICE to be taxing, not stopping. But most of your economy is asset-based, and you really need stoppers to keep that Daily Quest going in the early game, or firing Rashida Jaheem.

That being said the deck is very fun. And once it gets its economy going without bleeding more than 2-3 points in the early game (I had some terrible luck regarding that part), it can build a very powerful remote, while potentially using something like Loki + Ganked! to protect a central from Apocalypse.

I think with the new rulings, Ganked! still has a lot of potential, and I probably didn't build the optimal deck to exploit it. Some other options are a Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design deck that uses it as part of its upgrade suit, or perhaps Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home with Mwanza City Grid (remember, if you can perform an Ansel/Drafter infinite combo with Mwanza, you can gain as many credits as you want).

Perhaps there is also some merit to doing something like this in an NBN asset-spam deck. They already like importing Drafter, after all, and I don't see why an Ansel 1.0 couldn't make the cut for the sake of it (especially in Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center, which has 17 influence).

24 Aug 2021 Cpt_nice

That gif is one of the best things ever posted on this site

24 Aug 2021 Swiftie

The gif game is strong with this one. Not looking forward to some Ganked! obessed Aldershot player picking this up though.

24 Aug 2021 bing005

Game here for the gif. Wasn't disappointed.

25 Aug 2021 jamesmarcus

GIF game on point!