Black Knight Gagarin - 1st place London Regionals - MWL 3.3

leachrode 815

When they ban Museum

When they ban Museum

When they restrict SIU and Judge

When they restrict SIU and Judge

This is obviously not that heavily changed from Tolaasin's most recently posted list aside from the 2 bio ethics becoming a rather luxurious Malia and a slightly confused News Now Hour but I think it's notable to point out that despite an MWL rather pointedly aimed at the head of Gagarin with SIU/Judge restrictions to break up the combo (both SIU/Judge and Ethics/Judge) it still appears to have kept rolling as probably the best deck. In London 3 of us were on it and through the whole event it dropped one game (to me on Apoc Alice in the cut with a very money heavy start).

Forcibly getting rid of SIU was almost certainly the correct move as in a world without funding there is absolutely no way runners could keep up and stay ahead of SIU money long term aside from maybe triple rezeki shaper but those same runners sans funding and employee strike also struggle badly to stay on top of renewal + contract killer threats without sinking to economic warfare + hhn + judge.

In practice that combination was enough to beat a fairly wide ranging field (including apoc Val that I didn't know was apoc until it got played for the first time, reg Lat with paricia and imp, nexus 419, reg Val and Sunny). Given the performance from this and the fact that IG seems to be floating to the top in US regionals the takeaway from this weekend should definitely be that anyone who thought they could cut their asset tech in this MWL was somewhat mistaken.

Thanks to all my opponents and everyone else at the event for being great people and especially to @twisty_b for running a smooth, fun event despite how busy the shop was, you're all extremely great and make getting on a train to London hungover entirely worth it every time

21 Jul 2019 Crunchums

The News Now Hour?!

21 Jul 2019 leachrode

Look, sometimes the MWL hands you 9 whole influence to spend and your replacement win con is entirely in faction so you fill a bunch of slots with DBS and Turtlebacks and still have 3 inf and 1 slot left and you just shove in the first 3 inf asset you can think of with a good rez to trash ratio...

It isn't actually that bad, Hacktivist is super annoying because you're trying to assemble econs, hhns, hpts and sometimes backup judges in hand + the money from paywall is very nice but you often can't pre play it for fear of hack. Turn 1 NNH is practically untrashable for a Val who doesn't want to die extremely fast and it frees up an early Paywall which converts into a massive advantage, later on it's worse but even in the mid game playing paywall then rezzing it guarantees a minimum 6 credit swing to get rid of it then another if the runner wants to put up Hack.

Other reasonable options for that slot include Sundew if you want a random extra bankers that forces them to run to turn it off (worse early but okay if you get into the game) or MCAAP which I haven't tested but could feasibly be annoying