Strong Female Characters

emilyspine 1406

3-2 at Aldershot regional, 2-2 at Swansea regional, 3-2 at Bromley. Not the best stats but it's a solid deck. Market Forces is the absolute shit.

Swansea: lost to reg Maxx and FTT Val, beat Kim and CV Val

Aldershot: lost to CV mill Gnat and pirate Hayley, beat CV Maxx, regish Leela and Nexus Reina

Bromley: lost to CV Null and pirate Hayley, beat apoc Ken, reg 419 and pirate Geist.

14 Aug 2018 Seamus

Have you considered adding Lily Lockwell?

15 Aug 2018 Cliquil

Have you considered adding Victoria Jenkins?

17 Aug 2018 .wil

Have you considered adding Arella Salvatore?

17 Aug 2018 emilyspine

@SeamusI do not have a sensible response to this suggestion


@.wilthank you for the single sensible suggestion