Run, Boy, Run! (1st place at Mannheim GNK Winter Tourney)

cloud66 7

This deck is one of those I had most fun playing with so far. The events based burst economy is helped by the VoicePADs and Public Terminals, giving me the possibility to quickly recover even after a Closed Account or similar. The basic idea is to keep pressure on HQ and R&D, while running remote servers from time to time with Inside Job and Crypsis, usually just to make the corp spend money on rezzing ice though.

11 Jan 2015 kollapse

I'm intrigued by the lack of a Console.

11 Jan 2015 cloud66

I don`t really need a console for this deck, MU is not a problem with the few programs I have.

11 Jan 2015 whirrun

Congrats, did you find Lawyer Up sufficient for draw?

11 Jan 2015 cloud66

Cheers. Yeah, I didnt have any particular drawing problem, even though I always try to use it in connection with AS. Im thinking of maybe including one or two Planned Assaults, just for tutoring Indexing or Stimhack when I need them.

11 Jan 2015 Thike

Have you considered Running Interference for remote runs? I usually find that no one sees it coming, and it does exactly what you'd want it to in this deck.

11 Jan 2015 cloud66

Yes, I considered including one, but then I noticed that most corps protect their remotes with very cheap ice at least until I install Crypsis. I`d like to try it out though.