Imp-pressive Hoshiko - 1st at Worlds 2020

Limes 708

As I mentioned in my other writeup, before you read any further, go and find your nearest Nisei person and thank them for doing such an excellent job of keeping things running. Worlds 2020 was an absolute blast, and we're all very lucky to have such a dedicated set of people looking out for this community. Thank you everyone in Nisei!


This is the runner deck I used. It dropped one game in the swiss and another in the cut, but didn't see as much play as my corp due to 2-4-1s. It's designed to work against combo decks like Asa and Titan, clearing out combo pieces from HQ with Imp and HQ Interface, and maintaining the ability to do that with Consume and Friday Chip. It also works great against other corp wincons like Punitive Counterstrike, Hard-Hitting News and the like, and does decently against asset spam (provided they don't score out before you find your breakers!).

I chose Patchwork as the console to help with installing some of the more expensive pieces. Most of the parts of the rig cost 2 credits, so are free with patchwork's discount. Paladin Poemu helps with the others. Card draw isn't usually too much of a problem, though the deck really slows down against some glacier decks when you can't take much advantage of DreamNet or Hoshiko's ID ability.

12 Oct 2020 ayyyliens

Finally someone embraces Friday Chip as a ghetto Knobkierie good job!

12 Oct 2020 bowlsley

This is making me awfully tempted to go back to my old (bad) idea of a Stargate + Imp + Friday Chip Shaper.

Congratulations though! What a wild ride this weekend was.

12 Oct 2020 Ghost Meat

@Limes Congrats on your amazing performance at Worlds! I feel much better about having lost to this deck in the cut since you went all the way to win the whole tournament with it. Way to go!

13 Oct 2020 Simone Suka

I'd love street peddler here

13 Oct 2020 Saan

I am loving that a Patchwork deck won Worlds. This card has always seemed so close to being great, and I think this is clearly the deck for it (you know, since it won WORLDS). Fantastic job.

3 May 2021 Davidmc7

There more I play this deck, the more I appreciate how perfectly balanced and efficient it is. No silly tricks or no broken combo, just solid economy and card draw, paired with the ability to trash the annoying cards your opponent wants to throw at you (Hard-Hitting News comes to mind).

You can update this decklist for Standard by replacing the interface by Docklands Pass and the stimhacks by Overclock, or slot it some Botulus for extra accesses. This list should persist as a consistent deck to play at your local GNK.