ENERGY MASTER (Undefeated 1st of 12 @ Linköping Regional)

mcbeast 1018


First of all

Shoutout to TugtetguT for sharing this list and giving me advice how to improve my game, and Boreria who was the madlad for adding Bio-Ethics to the deck thus creating this monster. Also a big hug to everyone who I met at Linköping again, I've missed you guys and it's fun to be back. Also a big shoutout to Colin Robinson for inspiring me to play these kinds of deck and feeding on the frustration of others.

Colin Robinson - Energy Vampire

The deck itself & game plan

Coming back to Netrunner after a break, I asked TugtetguT for the best corp deck that's out there at the moment. He gave me a Gagarin-list with SIU, and I enjoyed it, although it somewhat felt kind of wobbly if the runner just sit back and hoard money, and it pretty much folded against Freedom. But one day when I was spectating Tug on Jinteki as he was playing Gagarin, he all of a sudden rezzed a Bio-Ethics Association and I was like "wtf is going on". And then he rezzed an Urban Renewal and I saw the light. Lo-and-behold, I was in love.

Plan is to mass flood the board with... everything. Bio-Etchis Association and Urban Renewal forces the runner to run and spend their money, which opens them up to Economic Warfare into Hard-Hitting News so you can rez your Zealous Judge (that you put behind AT LEAST one ice) and later on killing them. Ezpzmurdersqueezy.

The deck basically feeds on the energy of your opponent and makes them have a bad time (the most important part of Netrunner).

Some basic math: if the runner has at most three cards you need X+7 credits to get a HHN sticky, rez judge, give two tags and blow them away with High-Profile Target (X is the amount of credits the runner have).

If the runner has more than three cards and removes all the tags, you can still just give them more tags and build your board state, until you get them killed.

Card choices

Hades Fragment: Basically you never score out but if you do, having infinite cards in R&D is nice.

CSR Campaign: Drawing cards is good.

Drudge Work: Hot damn this card is good! Get an agenda, shuffle it back and gain money. Good recursion.

Urban Renewal: Force the runner to run or blow them away.

Border Control & Hortum: Force the runner to have at least one of each breaker, making them spend money and time.

Games during the day

Game 1: Leela (identical to the one I ran). Runner was forced to run, got tagged and bagged.

Game 2: Valencia. Runner was forced to run, got tagged and bagged.

Game 3: Fancy Goldberg Hayley. Runner was forced to run, got tagged but with some dark voodoo DJ Geist magic they magically got an Misdirection out from nowhere. Tagged the runner, forced them to remove recurring tags (from Judge) and picked away on their resources (DJ first, then the trashcan money). Eventually the runner got tagged and bagged.

Game 4: Jackpot Forked Hayley. Runner was forced to run, got tagged and forced to remove the recurring tags from Judge but eventually ran out of money so... tagged and bagged.

Game 5 was technically never played as gejben had messed up and sent in a faulty deck list, which gave him a game loss. He chose to lose as runner, so... not tagged, not bagged :(

Game 6: Val with all kinds of asset removal stuff. Runner ran and...

You can see the game here (timestamp 6:50:00).

So what about that stupid deck name?

The night before a friend of my significant other gave me a lot of positive energy and told me that all the planets and stars will be aligned during the tournament for me. Little did she know that she just fed the energy vampire that this beast of a deck is and it became an ENERGY MASTER.
1 Jul 2019 boreira

hehe cool write up! this deck is rude :) congrats

7 Jul 2019 Council


How does this deck operate against Freedom? It would seem like all the open accesses and Operation trashing could lead to probems (plus Hacktivist being a thing).

7 Jul 2019 mcbeast

@DonLoverGate Basically you go for speed. You need a starting hand with drawing power; Rashida and/or CSR is a good start, as you need to set up your board and mass install cards every turn. When you got some board and are ahead of Freedom, secure HQ. Money and draw is key to get ahead of Freedom. Hacktivist can be annoying, but you have Paywall for that. Hard-Hitting News them to slow them down.

8 Jul 2019 Vortilion

No chance against Paricia + MD though... :-( Had several games against that combo...

8 Jul 2019 mcbeast

@VortilionGo for speed, don't give them time to set up. Hardest matchup is trashcan Hayley, everyone else is killable. Don't be afraid to ditch agendas in Archives early while you build board, and use Drudge later on when you're set up or really flooded.

13 Jul 2019 ZomB

I came 3rd of 16 in the Liverpool regional with this. A 2 card variant came first.