Medical Jinteki for BLM 27/06 WLLL

willybn1 11

BLM R1 W vs Hayley. Stole 2 x agendas early on. ICE up RnD with Chiyasi and Guard and made is expensive for that run. Pol Dealings behind ICE eventually scored out. BLM R2 L. Opp was Valencia. I got stretched, he had turtle set up, low on money, not great showing. BLM R3 L. Opp was Freedom Khulalo. despite opp facechecking a Chiyasi Chisel and Stargate chipped away at RnD, flooded with Agendas. bit stretched. BLM R4 L. Opp was 419. good start, scored out two agendas, Snarre twice both times opp down to zero cards. but then stuck after stole my money