Propaganda Machine w/ Snek 4th at GMI Games (Riverside, CA)

inniscor 567

I wasn't in love with my previous CTM deck (based off of the World Champ deck) so I took to NRDB and found an updated list. I made some tweaks to add a couple of cards I like (Midseasons, Targeted Marketing) and took this to a store champ and it performed marvelously.

My results on the day were:

1st Round: Val ft. Knight - Loss

An early credit dump into Midseasons meant he was tagged and the double Knight on my Resistor Pop Up was funny, but I ultimately buckled to his double Medium. In retrospect we might have misplayed that since he had enough tags that the Knight shouldn't have been able to break the resistor, but he only ran through it once more to win the game. He probably gets through the trace either way.

EDIT: Thanks for clarifying, Jeff! The ice was Quandary and Pop Up. Knight got me good.

2nd Round: Teaching Kit - Win

Kit got rattled a bit, but mostly just succumbed to the non-stop CTM pressure. No clot meant that even when she managed to steal the odd agenda I was able to swing it around and win the game. An early RDI Maker's eye was bountiful but didn't close the game and those points ended up in my score area.

3rd Round: Aggro Andy (not sure if Taps) - Win

My fear going into the tournament was I'd see nothing but Andy and Whizzard and I'd get hated out, but this was my only real game in the swiss vs crim and I took control of the game early on. The runner took a Breaking News and GFI out of R&D so I buried him in tags with Midseasons and followed up with nothing but rude rude cards. Ultimately pulled off a Psycho Astro, Astro Breaking News EOI, and some other agenda to close the game out.

4th Round: Sifr Andy - ID

I ID'd this game but we still played it for fun. He similarly got tagged early on and being on Sifr instead of Desperado meant he couldn't contest remotes or econ as successfully. Had RNG worked against me his incessant Sifr runs through my Resistor (yeah) might have cost me the game, but I was keeping up.

2nd round of top cut: Chaos Theory ft. The Source - Loss

This was a hard game to figure out how to play. Timmy Wong was piloting a Chaos Theory that I only knew was playing Sifr cause I lent him the card. I kept a hand with some good assets and Targeted Marketing hoping to draw ice and saw none, so I installed Pad, Sensie and targeted Self-Modifying Code. He took my one Breaking News from hand... and installed Self-Modifying Code. The rest of the game was Opus clicking and asset trashing with a surprise visit for The Source. Timmy made all the right calls.

Conclusions and potential changes

The deck ran fine and I don't think there's much I'd change here. I think a better pilot may have been able to take this further, but I did get through the hate match up with some pretty good familiarity with the decks I was facing up against. CTM isn't quite dead yet.

23 Jan 2017 fejj06

well done on your top 4. who ended up winning it all? i was 1st round val, and it was quandary, pop-up on r&d so i was able to make it through. thanks for the games, congrats once again, and see you soon hopefully

23 Jan 2017 inniscor

@fejj06 nice glad we didn't screw up, good games. :)

23 Jan 2017 inniscor

@fejj06 also Jimmy ended up winning playing Andy with Sifr and Sleeper Hold.