Trash Panda 2.0 a.k.a. FastCoats (2nd @ F2F Games SC)

lukesim3 468

Made some changes to the ETF I brought to Worlds and piloted it to runner-up at the most recent Toronto store champs. I did the tournament report thing over at my runner deck, so I guess I'll put the requisite .gif here:

alt text

That's because this deck still landed me in second place despite twice ABTing 4 points into the trash.

Not too many changes from the original Trash Panda, just dropped the Hellion Beta Test (fewer people running NRE) and ditched SanSan and Lotus Field to get two Caprice. Many of the Nexus DLR decks floating around can't really get into a server more than once a turn, and Caprice gives you a way to score when the Source is out.

Oh, and Friends in High Places is just a better Archived Memories, but you already knew that.

Some people wonder about 2 CVS, but Medium is EVERYWHERE.

That's about it. Keep playing purple...

19 Dec 2016 kwind

I've found my traditional HB builds have been struggling a bit and decided to try yours out. I love it. Cool deck, creative take. The moving parts work well together.

19 Dec 2016 lukesim3

@kwindThanks! Yeah, it can be tough out there for a Bioroid these days, but I think HB/ETF still has great cards and one of the best Corp economies in the game. With a little tweaking here and there, it remains strong and can't be tech'd against that much. I've found that you need to be able to rush in the early game to be successful, so cards like Blue Level and Assembly Lines are key to moving quickly.

19 Dec 2016 slowreflex

So, I'm new, but a couple things I'm not sure of in this deck. First how do you prevent Siphons? Caprice? Usually see Crisium Grids in decks like this. Secondly, why Launch Campaign over other economic assets? PAD, Adonis, Eve, etc.? Thanks for sharing.

20 Dec 2016 lukesim3

@slowreflexIf you're playing a Siphon spam deck, then Caprice goes on HQ -- at least until you've built up enough of a cushion. Decks that rely on it (like Hate Bear) usually can't afford to run your remote every turn if they can't land the Siphon, so you can usually just jam stuff in a decent remote once HQ is protected. The MVTs are also a great Crisium bluff. Many runner will try to clear a suspected Crisium before Siphoning, so they have to run HQ and spend the 5 credits to trash it, which is effectively the same.

Even if you do get Siphoned, you can bounce back fairly quickly through Blue Level, your HB creds and AAL.

As for Launch Campaign, I like it because it's faster. You get a cred for installing it and a cred on the turn you rez it. You also don't necessarily want to have an Adonis clog up your server for three turns. You want to be putting a lot of cards in the server to pressure the runner.

PAD Campaign is a different story. I don't want to use ice to protect it, so in this meta, it's just an open Temujin target, which is bad.