Click clock

Gregory James 38

Intended to establish horrifying levels of efficiency and create a click crushing environment for the runner. Sherlock and Hades Fragment are meta calls(Shout out to Joshua Trevino!). Crick is self explanatory but the Trolls are still an element who's potential I am determined to explore. ELP and Heinlein are just...gross. Throw in a Brain Taping or two and things just keep getting uglier. Lots of fun.

Run at me bro.

6 Jul 2015 gammanet

i feel like Brain-Taping Warehouse and Enhanced Login Protocol naturally don't get along, also generally heinlein will only fire on sherlock, sure itll slow down anarchs as now they need their breaker, but shapers and criminals will just get their breakers, and then heinlein will be a waste of credits, however the 6 rez one could do some real click damage.

6 Jul 2015 Gregory James

Brain taping is meant to work in opposition to ELP so that both scenarios are inhibited. However I am considering dropping them for 2 of DBS.