The Static Professor

Pinkwarrior 2294

The main idea is to have a a minimalist approach to MU in the professor.

I figured the static breakers would be great in shaper with all the buff's shapers have now. I found that Breach is a great back up to Corroder in crim and i figured that the same premise should works here with that and Alias.

Armitage Codebusting because Magnum Opus is expensive and takes up MU that said am not sure the econ is their yet.

Utopia Shard is always a good use of influence i find and the shards have always made sense to me as the use of influence for The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge

19 Jul 2015 say200426

3NRE is dumb

19 Jul 2015 Pinkwarrior

@say200426 I don't see why i want to hit one as soon as possible its the same as having 3 of a console in a deck.