MAWHAMMER 2.5 - A spin-off no-one needed (10/38 @ York Reg)

HiddenAway 923

Not much different in this new version of MAWHAMMER (special mention to Jamie who said he's been following the updates!)

I took out the single Emergent Creativity and plumped for a little more reliability in adding a Deuces Wild. Q-Coherence Chip made way for Beth with some additional economy. Utopia Shard was added as a possible saviour against Punitive decks but as it turns out, I should be trashing them anyway...

Not sure how reliable this deck really is though. It beat Swiftie's Biotech and mcg's Blue Sun by cheesing out 6 points within the first turn or 2 (and in mcg's case, trashing a Punitive in hand to go with it). This is what happens when you leave R&D open! I also beat sixtyten's Palana in normal MAWHAMMER fashion, including the fun Deuces Wild to steal a Maw'ed Obokata from 3 cards.

The deck lost to Havvy's Argus, who played a great ICE on archives to block Sneakdoor (Data Raven) when I showed it far too early. It also lost to Jonny's Palana, who told me after the game that I had already put the points I needed into Archives but he used Preemptive Action to save himself. It can be hard to judge when to check Archives and in that case, I think there were only 4-5 cards that were face down.

Not sure where to go from here. Will MAWHAMMER be able to make a winning appearance next time?! I don't know either, but it needs a little more econ boost and a little more draw. I'll carry on working on it and maybe it will appear again!

My thanks to Aki for hosting a great regional and thanks to everyone who played against me. A huge thanks to Aki as well for the Edward Kim: Humanity's Best Friend Alt Art ID!

12 Aug 2019 NtscapeNavigator

I usually find Kim a pain for Punitive Blue sun fwiw, he has a link which throws punitive math out and can trash econ, building blocks, OAI, and even punitive.

Ofc it helps when Kim brains himself on Chiayashi :doge:

Grats on 10th, York was an absolute shark tank.

12 Aug 2019 HiddenAway

I forgot to mention that I stupidly ran into an Orion but I just about had enough credits to install and break it thanks to Ice Carver. I almost hadn't learned my lesson but I got lucky!

13 Aug 2019 Espatier

MAWHAMMER is my favourite show. I didn't know how the writers could keep it fresh after Crowdfunding died at the end of the first season, but Beth is a great addition to the cast.

13 Aug 2019 HiddenAway

Oh absolutely, Beth was a great addition to the show. Sadly she was elusive most of the time.

The Utopia Shard just looked over everything and did nothing except a failed last ditch attempt to steal 4 points in one click.

13 Aug 2019 mcg

Excuse me, I had a Surveyor on R&D. :Megadoge:

13 Aug 2019 HiddenAway

@mcg Fair enough. I couldn't quite remember! I guess rezzing a Surveyor for 2 trace 2 subs is quite bad!