The shell game is back

pang4 831

"Bounce rate?" Chairman Hiro scoffed at the NA Sol reporter. "It's true our servers have the lowest bounce rates on the market. But we also have the highest jack-out statistics. Criminals go in, see what we can do, and then go right back out again, empty handed."

Jinteki has been taking a MAJOR back seat in today's meta to it's competitors. RP is always a force to be reckoned with, but we seem to have forgotten that Net Damage is a legitimate win condition.

"Many a runner have entered our servers. Many a runner have also been discovered in their apartments four weeks later when their bodies begin to smell enough for the neighbours to notice."

Dedicated murder Jinteki is still very much viable. Before the SanSan cycle, everyone and their dog ran at least one Feedback Filter to defend against this powerhouse. But now we're forgotten, and a corp nobody techs against is a corp that is powerful.

Most of this needs no explanation. Ronin and Allele Repression along with Agendas to force runs, and Project Junebug and Psychic Field to punish them.

"Recent innovation has been able to significantly improve our ability to ping hackers, and enabled us to create on-the-fly cerebral mapping for more efficient targeting with neural counteroffensives."

Turnpike is the latest in our long line of "anklebiters", meaning cheap yet annoying yet threatening ICE. We aim to punish runs, not stop them. Every single ICE in this deck works wonders with Chum, especially Pup.

Play the shell game, occasionally score agendas, threaten them with False Lead, and you'll will win surprisingly often.

"And to answer the question of the white-clad reporter, no, we do not have any moral qualms about killing runners. We announce both here and upon entry to all our servers that all intruders will be treated as hostiles. Runners are a menace to our society, and we suggest they read the end user agreement more closely before attempting to hack us."

10 Nov 2015 Bigguyforyou518

You need money...a lottttttt more money. The thing about this type of PE deck is that you may not need a lot of credits for your cheap ice, but you always need enough to threaten all of your traps, sometimes repeatedly.

10 Nov 2015 pang4

What do you suggest I cut? I know there are economic options out there like Gila hands, Pop-up and Hedge Fund, but I've been pressed for deck space. Should Yagura go?