Bypass Extravaganza v2.0 - NO ICEBREAKERS

benticurus 1676

EDIT: After further testing, I have done -1 Same Old Thing ; +1 Drive B

Do you like weird decks? This is for you.

I've kept working on this deck because the more I play it and tweak it, the better the win-rate gets. I am hands down over 50% win rate at the moment, and probably around 75% (today I won 7/8 games, which is why I am publishing).

This deck is part of a continued attempt to make a semi-competitive NO ICEbreakers deck that relies on the DDoS / False Echo combo. Silhouette is the ID of choice for two reasons: smaller deck size for more consistency, and her ID ability that can help support the "expose cards" abilities in order to know if you should use up your combos when the corp installs something behind some ICE.

Changes from previous versions include going up to 3 Plascrete Carapace, and removing Legwork and Kati Jones altogether.

I am also searching for some balance between click intensive economy as opposed to drip/event economy. The reason for this important balance is that you need to draw 1-3 cards per turn in order to get out all your important pieces and you do not want to spend too many clicks on Armitage Codebusting or Kati Jones. But you might need some emergency money if you want to go trash some Assets such as SanSan, Team Sponsor, or Exec Bootcamp which are important to remove from play in order for your DDoS and Gang Signs to do their jobs.


0- Do not face-check ICE. You want all ICE to be unrezzed so that you can use DDoS effectively.

1- Ignore Corp's economy engines: infinite credits is useless if you can't rezz ICE. Only trash stuff like Ash, Caprice, San-San, Old Hollywood Grid, etc. Drive By helps a lot with these, and Same Old Thing can help recur your Drive By's if necessary.

2- The Supplier is one of your main economic engines: consider a mulligan if you don't have it in starting hand; consider to keep the hand if you do have it in starting hand; but I would not go as far as saying it is essential to a starting hand. Some practice with the deck lets you see what to keep and what to ditch.

3- This deck consists of a lot of drawing and a lot of hosting on The Supplier : the second reason why it is best to have it early in play. Most of the time you just draw 2 cards and play 2 cards (i.e., hosting, installing, events, etc)

4- Depending on how the cards come, you might find yourself low on credits; however this is not a problem, since you really need to be around 0-6 credits to pull-off your combos!

5- Be aware that DDoS lasts the whole turn: try to get a bit of juice out of it if possible (for example, if any of the central servers only has one ICE, then it might be good to use DDoS early in a turn that you are running on a remote server, so as to be able to run afterwards on RnD or HQ or use Sneakdoor).



1- DDoS / False Echo : gets you into a 2 ICE server that has no rezzed ICE.

2- DDoS / Inside Job : a.k.a. "the other DDoS / False Echo"

3- DDoS / False Echo / Inside Job : for servers with 3 unrezzed ICE.

4- DDoS / False Echo / HQ Interface (with or without Sneakdoor Beta).

5- Gang Sign / HQ Interface : gets you so many agendas so often... but be careful if you suspect Snare or Archangel; in that case it is for each person to judge whether a Gang Sign is safe.



1- if it seems you don't have anything to check with Silhouette's ability, start by checking the innermost ICE on servers that you care about: check to see if the innermost ICE is a non-ETR ice: this can be very important for knowing how many pieces of the combo you need! ~

2- besides understanding of the board-state and common sense, it is common to look for making 1 or 2 steals with DDoS, 1 or 2 steals with Gang Sign, 1 or steals with Sneakdoor Beta, and 1 or 2 steals with Hades Fragment. Do not expect to make all your points from doing the DDoS combos, the point is to use ALL the potential tools, and eventually reach all 7 pts.


15 Nov 2015 Gaxeco

Why not apocalipse?

16 Nov 2015 benticurus

what would you have me remove? No influence left, and the deck handles itself well without having to play for a combo that needs me to get into all three servers.

16 Nov 2015 steevo15

Are the 3 carapaces really all that necessary? I would think 2 should suffice. You must've been getting scorched a lot to add the 3rd from the pervious iterations. I would think a 1 of emergency shutdown would do well in this deck in case they manage to get a piece of ice rezzed via oversight AI or executive boot camp or something.

16 Nov 2015 benticurus

@steevo15 I agree on the need for an Emergency Shutdown; im still working on the deck to see what are the cards that get used the least. But the paslcretes seem staple due to my bad experiences with 24/7 News and double Scorch. I lost a tournament game recently because I didnt draw into any of my 3 Plascretes in time (after drawing about a third of the deck).