A weyland christmas carol

cwoac 64

The Story

Mark 'scrooge' Yale is a proper miser. His company Titan Transnational, which he built with his partner is built on Money. Manipulating hedge funds, collecting royalties and corporate restructuring, even Hostile Takeovers.

One Christmas eve, he was visited by a piece of ghostly Enigmatic ice. As the vision cleared, he realised it was his old partner, Jacob '2X3ZB9CY' Marley, a man even more dedicated to his work and the pursuit of money than Scrooge himself. Marley appeared, his visage ashen, laden with chains. He warned Scrooge that he was bound by the chains of his greed, each link an act of unkindness, together forging an atlas of his miserlyness, but that he would be visited by three ices and that his one chance was to listen to them.

The first night, a giant green double helix appeared and introduced itself as the ice of Christmas past. It took Scrooge into a trip to the archives of his memories, back to a time with happy parties with his first employer, the jovial Jackson H. Fezziwig. And his dispair when his fiance, Belle,needed to be free of him, accusing his heart of being contained within a wall of ice.

The second night a strange white mask declared itself the ice of Christmas present, taking him to the house of his employee, Bob Cratchit, a man who had worked for him since he was an Intern, showing Scrooge his family, gathered around the Fire and told him of the impending death of tiny tim.

On the third and final night, a gloomy and translucent purple figure, the ice of Christmas yet to come took Scrooge first to a funeral. Nobody mourned the man, his funeral only attended by those who could gain from it. His charwomen turned up, only to steal the curtains that walled his bed.

so empty the ground was bare and scorched. From there, the ice took him to a lonely graveyard. Under the figure of a raised sword, he wept as he saw his name, a grave abandoned, the ground scorched and so neglected the statue was covered in spiderwebs. Bemoaning what he saw, he begged of the ice if there was still time for him to undo this or gain any public support at all.

Waking from the last vision, he has a change of heart, summoning a nearby Errand Boy, he sends him out to buy the biggest turkey he can, and Scrooge proceeds to enact his new food initiative. A changed man, he renovates his properties in his home town of Oakland and becomes the very embodiment of the spirit of Christmas.

The Deck

This is actually a fairly boring titan FA deck with a splash of scorchy goodness. I'm still lacking a good story inclusion for Cyberdex Virus Suite, Archer and SanSan City Grid (as much as any of them have good inclusions

19 Nov 2015 slobad31

SanSan City Grid could easily be Scrooge flying over the city in the present, before arriving at the Cratchit house, as a suggestion. It could also be the city of the past, as both journeys involved surveying from overhead. Cyberdex is a bit more difficult, but the artwork lends itself to a blinding flash, like the brightness surrounding the Ghost of Christmas Present, or the piercing light of dawn on Christmas Day. As for Archer, hmmm. Well, when Marley's ghost appears, Scrooge looks out the window and sees all manner of phantasms in varying degrees of torture. Now, this is taking some creative liberty, but perhaps one died a glutton, and his torment is to always be reaching for sustenance, only to see it shattered before his eyes (i.e. Archer's art). Can you tell I'm a fan of this story? :)

20 Nov 2015 cwoac

I like the sansan, unsure of the others. I may hold off on tweaking the story till I've had a chance to actually play the deck - it's pretty close to some earlier titanFA decks I've run, so I think it has a shot at being at least mildly non-janky.