The Full Lockout (4-1, 39th @ EMEA)

Redino987 341

This deck is really nasty and I am really happy with where it ended up after developing and playing it a lot

The aim is to get a Stegodon scored, which then allows you to reuse formicary, ablative, gatekeeper, and your harmonic ice

The added threat of B1001 and funhouse is very helpful in forcing the runner to fork their decisions and not tunnel in on one central server.

Ideally you put a Funhouse on R&D, HQ, and your scoring remote, then put Ablative Barriers on the scoring remote, in front of a B1001, and either HQ or R&D (matchup dependent) then you get something akin to a full lockout, where if they run the B1001 you can ablative for another preventing them from having the clicks/credits needed for a skunkworks, if they run the scoring server without killing B1001 the run ends. It puts a lot of must check/must trash things on the board while the runner wants to run as little as possible to avoid getting their icebreakers reduced in strength and taxing through cheap ice like gatekeeper or drafter

The list went 4-1 on the day. I didnt get a chance to play it in either of my 241s which is a real shame, because I was much more confident in this list than I was in my runner list

21 Aug 2023 Baa Ram Wu

Proud to be the -1!

Was pretty worried though - My breaker suite was not up for dealing with Stegadon-level drops. Still wont know if I would have been able to get through the HQ ice to land the DD if I hadn't ripped the Ikawa off R&D

I Have some ideas about creating a similar list but with Stavka's instead of the Funhouse/B-1001 interaction. - a 7 strength Stavka dealing nicely with a 'oops 6 strength Num' being my main thought!

22 Aug 2023 JarekBaltar

Had a chance to play against it during EMEA. It crashed me :D Two scored Stegodons + Formicary + Manegarm meant that I was constantly out of money. Really cool deck!

22 Aug 2023 Baa Ram Wu
28 Aug 2023 LeviPurple

@Baa Ram Wu loved the Stavka idea.

So I tweaked this build with Bloop, already have 4 Harmonic ICE and no influence cost.

Also derezes by itself and stays Strength 5 all the time.

Had some blow outs with it. Vovo making Bloop only cost 1 and the other 2 Harmonic being free is super cheeky too.