NooB MaxX 1.2 (1-5 Euros 2018)

radishcat 65

Update to this deck with the following changes:

Aumakua is useful in more circumstances than D4v1d and while I'd still prefer Legwork, Wanton Destruction is good and despite not being directly synergistic with Maw, fits with the same hand destruction theme.

Euros record:

Well that didn't go too well! I don't think this was a major indictment of the deck, more a mixture of stronger opposition than I'm accustomed to and my continued inability to beat Pālanā. At least I avoided any Skorp.

I had to drop after round 6 of 8 as I had other unavoidable commitments, although I would have loved to keep playing.

Each of the first three rounds could have gone either way and I had good games. In round four I had an absurdly large number of single accesses off of HQ and R&D along with Maw triggers and somehow didn't steal a single agenda. In round five I had my Levy locked-down right before I had a chance to use it and that was pretty much that. Round six I stole 5 early on, missed on various single accesses then probably foolishly used my last Same Old Thing to DDM for the win and missed. I ended up deliberately suiciding on a kakugo after using up my last few cards going for a few more single accedes.

I had a much better 4-2 record with my corp and was in was in place 160 or so when I dropped (last match was on table 81, and I split), but dropped to 199th after the last two Swiss rounds. With only four months of Netrunner experience and 3 GNKs before Euros I was still reasonably happy overall with this placing.