NWE Geist non-Clot Version 9th at Worlds

Heinzel 1280

This is the NWE Geist with -1 Clot, -1 Sports Hopper, +1 Simulchip, +1 Grappling Hook.
It went 7-0 during swiss and 1-1 during the cut.

In testing Miss Bones was obviously great against Asa but you still needed a way to get past the ice in front of the assets. Grappling hook is the best solution for this since you don't want to commit boomerangs to unrezzed remote ice unless you really need to.
It also makes the deck better against Corps that don't fast advance.
So i traded off the Titan-Matchup (which is very good with clot) for an improved Asa-Matchup and an overall improvement in non-fastavance matchups.

This is the first big Tournament where even with hindsight i wouldn't change a single card in my decks. I think Geist is the best runner right now with good matchups against the popular corps.

12 Oct 2020 GingercredMan

Great showing Heinzel, very much enjoyed watching this one on stream.

12 Oct 2020 manveruppd

When are you all finally gonna slot the PolOp into Geist? ;)