Dungeons and Dragos

lopert 1618

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net on 2022-09-25

Name stolen from comments of the original Controlling the Bladder. I am not this creative. This is just that deck, but with Archived Memories swapped to BOOM! for SBL 22.09 (and -1 ASI +1 HHN).

3-1 on the day.
1 loss was to Free Yacht 419. That matchup seems very difficult if you can't sneak a drago to click and trash the Citadel Sanctuary.

All wins are BOOM!, but I feel like I bait myself into going for BOOM! instead of just scoring out. I had to leave a triple advanced Drago Ivanov on the board in at least 2 of my matches to connect the BOOM! next turn, which felt super risky and dangerous.