Charity Gift 2016 - Sol Deck

Critical Joe 26

Mostly posting this to claim my spot on ABR.

The deck needs some changes if you'd like to give it a run. I'd suggest at the very least you drop a raven for a News Hound. They're REALLY good.

8 Feb 2017 dawspawn

I would cut a Gutenberg instead of the Data Raven. And maybe put in at least one Archangel. Otherwise this list looks cool, I think Sol is in a decent place right now.

8 Feb 2017 Critical Joe

Oh it's not a bad list. You're probably right with dropping the Gutenberg. Tbh, even a special offer isn't a bad drop. It just definitely needs a 3rd News Hound.

I think Sol is in a great place, it's one of my favourite IDs, especially with the prevalence of horrible Currents right now. I guess it's only Employee Strike that you need to be wary of.