marathon fisk

steffmonkey 193

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7 Nov 2018 Cliquil

I am so glad you made this work. You have achieved what I could not.

8 Nov 2018 stoppableforce

I think you mentioned elsewhere that you meant to put in Planned Assault but forgot. What would you take out of this beautiful pile of cards to fit it in?

8 Nov 2018 steffmonkey

I would drop down to 2 Mobius and 2 Inside Job. Drop the Dopple. Add in 1x Planned Assault and 2 x Dean for the Glacier match ups.

17 Nov 2018 Starscream87

Fisk is back! Can't wait to try this. I, too, have been trying to make Fisk work for some time now

3 Jan 2019 Manta

I don't follow, why is marathon good in this deck? I don't see how it synergizes with fisk.