TeamCali CTM 1st @ Richmond SC 5-1

strube 156

Everyone knows CTM is good and got better with Calibration Testing and Team Sponsorship seemed like a natural fit here. Ended up cutting a HHN for slots which probably isn't a good idea but it worked out in most games.

Round 1 Win vs Leela - Runner had a slow econ start and I ended up getting a naked ARES scored before starting to windmill Beales with the TeamCali combo. Eventually the runner got tagged and I think I ended up exchanging for the win. DBS really hard counters these HQ pressure decks - just slow down and try to avoid clicks to draw.

Round 2 Win vs Smoke - Smoke took too long to setup and as soon as clot threat was gone I scored 2 Beales in a row with TeamCali. Eventually setup double cali and a GFI into a single raven remote and never advanced it for the win.

Round 3 Win vs Smoke - This smoke had Paricia, Misdirection and Clone Chip Clot threat but just didn't have the tempo to contest my board and setup their own. I kept scoring QPMs and a Beale in the remote and recurring bankers with Team Sponsership until I was at 4 points then forced a remote play with GFI and out-traced them on the Raven letting me to eventually find the EoI to close it.

Round 4 ID Played for fun and won vs Lock Hayley

Cut Game 2 Loss vs Hayley - We each benefited a bit from our practice game during Round 4 and this time they contested my board. I learned that they didn't have Misdirection in their deck but just couldn't find HHN at any time in the game despite them being very low on credits most turns. Eventually they Indexed and pulled 4 points for a win.

Cut Game 3 Win vs Val - This was the best and most technical game of Netrunner I've ever played. Comrades Val has a lot of hate and this build packed a Slums on top of it. They contested my board and pressured HQ a lot with a turtle and turning wheel. Indexing got them a Beale but one more tag then expected with a Raven into IP Block with Turtle and no Paperclip so they had to leave it. In the resulting HQ pressure they knifed another IP Block I installed going too poor to clear both tags opening up an EoI play into putting another Beale in the remote and scoring it the next turn when they had no credits.

Cut Game 5 Win vs Hayley - Retribution from Game 2 and I found some tag punishment this time. Eventually fed them a GFI and exchanged it for the win.

22 Jan 2018 JDC_Wolfpack

Congrats again on the win, it was well deserved. Both of our matches were easily my favorites on the day despite losing both. Well played all around and hope to see you in Durham for Regional's so I can redeem myself.

23 Jan 2018 josephlaizure

I'm impressed by the high level of play you sustained while having to play back-to-back-to-back matches with only a few minutes in between in the cut. I certainly learned some things about CTM that day.