Sotomatic 955

Modified to account for the NAPD most wanted list. Initial thoughts... with less Eli, Corroders stock should rise. You can also replace with 2x Lady (drop 1 Tech Writer) instead if you feel less barriers will see play overall. No more Nerve agent makes me very sad but we need to free up the 2 influence to keep 3 clone chips. Otherwise no big changes to the deck.

31 Dec 2015 Eolas

With the new NAPD Most Wanted list hitting both AstroScript Pilot Program and SanSan City Grid, you could consider swapping the Clot for the missing Nerve Agent.

31 Dec 2015 Sotomatic

If you don't see as much Fastro that's a nice swap. A 3rd option, if you're REALLY feeling cheecky would be to replace Corroder with Snowball and swap 2 Tech Writer to fit the Nerve Agent.

31 Dec 2015 Grimwalker

Snowball doesn't exactly suck as far as in-faction off-specialty breakers go. It's not Force of Nature or Aurora bad. It's just not as good as Lady recursion or Corroder.

31 Dec 2015 Grimwalker

What's your solution to Scorch decks?

31 Dec 2015 Sotomatic

You can swap any number of tech writers for any number of Plascretes or Bookmarks.

31 Dec 2015 moistloaf

I think that the Clone Chips and Clots are actually a trap in the stealth shell. just my 2c, and I know it sounds crazy, but I've been having a lot of success with Turntable in Stealth Shaper. it shores up the weakness the archetype has to FA, and also makes nearly all Jinteki match-ups a breeze. just a thought. I also wouldn't write off BlacKat, although with the NAPD changes Corroder is almost certainly just better since Eli's stock is likely dropping