NEH Glass Shop (1st Place, Undefeated, Phoenix Comics TT)

podoboyz99 2345

You may be thinking “NBN FatroBiotics is the corp deck to beat right now”

And you would be wrong.

The Glass Shop will win you the game so fast that the runner can literally do nothing to stop it. It will get to 7 points faster than a runner is able to find a Clot threat. It will kill the runner far before they can get a Plascrete. And best of all, it’s MWL legal.

Why is it called the Glass Shop?

Cause it’s broken as hell.

A friend asks me about my lists after the last round of this tournament, stating, “You can’t have the influence for all of that!” I confidently hand him my deck, just smirking. He begins to lay out the cards in piles, counting pips. “The Most Wanted List didn't do shit!” he yells, slamming the stack of cards on the table. It did something all right, it created this monster.

The two pronged attack is as strong as ever, and it is near impossible to stop. The speed granted by NEH will propel you into victory. This is not a classic ButcherShop list, it’s no CheeseCakeShop combo deck, It’s not a Haarp ConvieninceShop deck with only one win condition. This is a deck that will win you the game.

The Glass Shop went undefeated at the Phoenix Comics and Games team tournament, where you partnered with a friend and your prestige was share. You were able to ask for advice, talk about decisions, anything at all. The only stipulation was that you had to bring decks from different factions. You can find my Maximum Punk Bach list here.

The runners I faced included Ian, Leela, and 2 Kates, and they are all flatlined now. Didn't even have to score out once. You could say “But you didn't play against any Anarchs! How do you survive I’ve Had Worse?” The answer is either a) Cut the Midseasons for Invasion of Privacy (not actually as bad as people think) or b) Score out (EZ with SanSan).


Astroscript: Do you really think I’m going to not pay influence for the most enabling card in the game? Combos with Breaking News get me more kills than games I score out.

Beale: Turns out 3/2’s are still good.

Explode-a-Palooza: I really would prefer NAPD here, but sadly, this mediocre agenda is better than anything else I can get. Best case they waste their time Film Criticing it.

Breaking News: The best tagging card in the game. Why 3? Because it’s good.

15 Minutes: This could be a blank 2/1 and I would play it. Most of the time, it is.


Jackson and PAD Campaign: Stop looking so hard.


SanSan City Grid: You mean I can score Breaking News and still have a click left? Yes please! Oh, it combos with this Astroscript card as well...


Hedge and Sweeps: Still good.

24/7 News Cycle: The core of the deck. You can obviously use it to trigger Breaking News and go for the jugular, but an interesting use is to forfeit a 2/1 to get an extra Astro counter, which allows you to score Palooza from hand, so basically you are turning one point into 2 with a bunch of clicks. Not the most efficient, I know, but there are times when it is worthwhile.

Scorched Earth and Traffic Accident: Looks like you got caught in Traffic in the wrong place at the wrong time. 2 Scorched isn't a problem, you draw one with your NEH ability so fast it doesn't even matter.

Midseasons (Sucks): Costs so much, I pretty much never play it, (Not once on the day.) Pretty much only good against Criminals, and who plays that these days anyways?


Wraparound: Has been good forever, really helps against siphon spam decks. A pain for Faust and Eater, one of which is my worst enemy.

Resistor: Possible the best early HQ ice in the game, taxes for 4, and they almost never pay it. Not worried about Nexus Kate, I will win before they have anything but a Opus on the table.

Archangel: I almost never lay it down, just use it for HQ protection, unless there is a plascrete on the board or I am trying to rush behind a Wraparound or something.

Enigma: I have to give them some reason to put down that Yog/Gordian.

Pop-Up: No idea why people stopped playing this, it’s one of the best small ice in the game. You can rez it when you're broke, and even if they Parasite it, that’s one less Parasite going on your Data Raven’s, so be grateful.

Data Raven: Whenever I rez a Raven, my opponent bounces. Whenever I hit a Raven, I bounce. Therefore, there is a joke in our meta that Data Raven is the best ETR ice in the game. So whenever my opponent jacks out after a Raven res, I swiftly tell them “They always do.”

Gutenberg: I used to subscribe to this “When I draw Gutenberg, it immediately goes on R&D” philosophy, but it’s surprisingly good at drawing out Mimic’s on HQ. It’s also not a piece of cake for link decks.

Recommended Edits: Take out the Midseasons. I don't care what you put in, Cyberdex, Resistor, Fast Track, and Gutenberg would all be good choices. Just make sure that Midseasons isn't in there.

While, that's the deck. Hope you have fun playing the tag-tag-scorch-scorch game with people, and make ‘em flatlined! Big thanks to Ben and Ryan for running the event, and everyone at Phoenix for letting us use their precious space. Also big thanks to MaxWell for agreeing to be my teammate for this event, it was a really fun format and I encourage all you TO’s out there to run a team tournament. If you don't want to play the Glass Shop, at least be prepared for it when SC’s come around, it will be there.

26 Jan 2016 hutch9514

Deck looks like a lot of fun. Just built it to try. Had to drop one of the SanSan's because i only have two. But threw in another Enigma. Looking forward to trying this one out.

26 Jan 2016 DarlingSensei

This looks very similar to what I've been running. I wonder if you had any thoughts on Product Placement vs. hedge fun? Both create a credit differential of 4 (barring Whizz, Val, or scrubber) for midseason purposes but placement costs them a click to check, gets you a card, and can be more than 4 if they don't trash. I usually add a SanSan to that server if they decline to trash.

How has x2 scorch been? I often have games where I need multiple scorches to beat plascretes or 6 card hands. Has it worked for you so far?

26 Jan 2016 x3r0h0ur

lily lockwell would be some nice much needed draw, and after midseasons can summon some damage. She'd be worth a slot imo.

26 Jan 2016 podoboyz99

@DarlingSensei Thanks for asking! 2 Scorched has been perfectly fine, your deck is so fast with the NEH ability, and a lot of the runners time is spent to try and stop you from just scoring out that you will have a Scoched when you need one. I really don't want to cut the Hedge Funds because they cannot be trashed and they get you the money fast, speed is the main theme of the deck. I also usually can get a NEH draw every turn, even if it is to score a 2/1, so the benifit of creating a new remote of Product Placement is not that powerful. I don't think Midseasons is at all necessary for this type of deck @x3r0h0ur, I would cut it immidiatly. It usually gets discarded, and with you rezzing SanSan's regularly, you don't have the money to Midseasons. If you land a Midseasons, it also invalidates all of your best ice, the tagging ice.

26 Jan 2016 Bigguyforyou518

Breaking News is the most overpowered kill-combo enabler in the game, and this deck capitalizes on it harder than any I've seen. What a monster.

I would definitely 2nd the idea of Fast Track, or something else to help you move through the deck even faster like Daily Business Show or Anonymous Tip. I love how this overcomes every counter by just outracing it, and I think it would be a lot of fun to just go completely all-in on that strategy.

26 Jan 2016 podoboyz99

@Bigguyforyou518 I'm glad you like it! My teammate from throughout the tournament felt very strongly that Fast Track was necessary, but I am leaning towards something you can install in a new remote, whether it be Ice, Assets, or Upgrades. I cut the Midseasons for a second Resistor to try it out, but DBS is one of my favorite cards, it would be worth a try. I would shy away from Tip however, you get enough acceleration through NEH and Jackson.

26 Jan 2016 mostlysmart

I've played against this deck. First go around you scored out but that was boring for you so we play another and killed me... I think we can say that keyhole appreciates this deck?

26 Jan 2016 CJFM

I still think the name is stupid, Noah. ;)

26 Jan 2016 mostlysmart

yeah @CJFM I don't get it...

27 Jan 2016 checkthebox

I was one of the above mentioned Kate players that got scorched at the tournament, and I can attest this deck is terrifyingly fast.

With Keyhole / Imp/ I've Had Worse you may stand a chance, maybe.

27 Jan 2016 AsteriskCGY

Wonder how well Kim likes this.

27 Jan 2016 evilgaz

" It will get to 7 points faster than a runner is able to find a Clot threat. It will kill the runner far before they can get a Plascrete. "

I like your optimism.

How do you get on with Noise decks? Random mills, Imps to remove kill pieces or SanSan, I've Had Worse which usually makes the kill 50/50 even when you have everything, and potentially Clot thrown in for good measure.

27 Jan 2016 podoboyz99

@AsteriskCGY He can not keep the pace of the Glass Shop, Eddie Kim is vulnerable to asset spam, and you can sometimes sneak some points out verses him.

@evilgaz Noise is a ok matchup, you usually have to score out, and you can sometimes park an agenda or SanSan behind a Raven, and sometimes even a Breaking News so you can trash one of thier resources. Don't go for the kill if they have thier Wyldcakes engine up, they are probly holding 2 IHW at that point.

27 Jan 2016 Simone Suka

Cánceres back. I hate you. I was so happy

27 Jan 2016 AkAnderson

Like the deck, hate the name.

28 Jan 2016 LeonardQuirm

Got to agree with the dislike for the name.

You know what a Glass Shop is? What it has to be, in fact, to be "broken as hell"?

Fragile... ;)

28 Jan 2016 CJFM

@podoboyz99 you should change it to "Bull-In-A-China-Shop"

28 Jan 2016 podoboyz99

@CJFM I will take that into consideration for later versions of the deck.

28 Jan 2016 AkAnderson

You should call it something that actually says what the deck does at a glance. NEH 24/7 Scorch. Quick, simple, won't confuse new players.

29 Jan 2016 Quicksilver

I had never considered holding Archangel in hand as a deterrent. Thanks for that.

29 Jan 2016 jackwatling

Looking forward to playing this, I only have 2 cores, so I've gone -1 San San, -1 Midseasons, +1 Fast Track and +1 Swordsman to help with eater/faust match ups

29 Jan 2016 podoboyz99

@jackwatling That seems like the right decision, if you only have 2 SanSan's. Maybe a Rotiturret would be better than Swordsman? Hard to tell without testing. Let me know how it goes.

29 Jan 2016 SecurityRake

@CJFM Just shorten that to BullShop, I think it'll get the point across.

30 Jan 2016 Locke

Just wanted to say this deck rocks.... Ive been playing it and love it!

30 Jan 2016 Locke

Here is a good suggestion that has helped a ton!! -1 Midseason Replacements +1 Daily Business Show

That card helps with your identity but also helps filter your draws so you get what you need. Most runners hate paying the 4 to trash it but it gives you so much more card advantage. Old school way when this was a pure fast advance deck I would run 2.. However, its hard to cut cards here. I also did the following:

-2 Data Ravens +1 TollBooth +1 Turnpike

30 Jan 2016 bobross

A very good post-MWL NBN deck. I did replace the Midseason Replacements and a SanSan City Grid with two Fast Tracks since I only have two core sets, and Midseason Replacements doesn't really work in this deck.

30 Jan 2016 Windave

Why these decks are still going as decks of the week... these kind of NBN is more of the same again and again and again...

30 Jan 2016 podoboyz99

@Locke Glad you are enjoying it! Daily Buisness Show is a great include, but some people are in love with Cyberdex Virus Suite. However, Data Raven is your best ice in this deck, because you are never Midseasoning them the tagging ice is always something the runner needs to be careful of. If you want to put a Tollbooth in, I would suggest taking out a Gutenburg or an Archangel, because those are more situational than Data Raven.

30 Jan 2016 TonyStellato

I genuinely don't understand how any shaper that drops a Plascrete and SMC turn 1 doesn't auto-win the game. Getting rid of Midseason (or just running 1) means that you can't kill past a Plascrete. You also don't have any play against Clot. I understand that you are supposed to be playing fast, but you can't stop them from playing SMC and ruining your day.

31 Jan 2016 Discipel

I just wanted to say that I like and enjoy this deck. Kudos @podoboyz99

31 Jan 2016 Discipel

@podoboyz99 Also, how do you feel about the name "Fire Sale"?

31 Jan 2016 shanodin

Like the deck, play something similar myself. Why PAD Campaign over Reality Threedee though?

31 Jan 2016 Locke

@podoboyz99 Ok so Gutenburg kicks ass and the more I play with the deck the 1 Midseasons is fine. I figured out what card to cut that I really didn't like is the 1 Resistor for the Daily Business Show. After playing with Archangel its sometimes is cool and sometimes it just sucks. I've put it on R&D before to screw over Medium but usually its just a wiff and doesn't do anything special. The Tollboth has done much more work in my testing.

31 Jan 2016 PeekaySK

Kinda amused by the "MWL didn't do shit" part of the story - where compared to the original incarnations of this archetype, you not only have two well-stealable agendas in place of the pain-in-the-ass ones, you're also losing both the third Scorch and the Reclamation Order that made burning through Carapaces on tag-me runners actually possible.

These forced changes make the match-up way more manageable for a lot of runners, so overall I'd say it did tons :D

1 Feb 2016 umchoyka

I can confirm that this deck should be illegal. 4-0 GNK performance

1 Feb 2016 GrantZilla1979

Don't change the name. Own it.

Also - team tourneys sound extremely fun. Just so I understand the structure did you bring this deck and your friend/partner bring a Runner deck? Or did you have to bring both and you just shared W/L record?

1 Feb 2016 podoboyz99

@PeekaySK The MWL made runner decks about three turns slower with the rise of ProCo and Wyldcakes decks. This deck is about 3 turns faster than the old Haarp decks, and has a viable scoring out plan.

@shanodin Reality Threede makes all your assets and upgrades one less to trash, and because they are only tagged the turn they die, it won't gain you any extra credits.

@GrantZilla1979 We both brought 2 decks, and they had to be of different factions. You can find a link to my runner deck in the description, and my teamate brought Leela and ETF. The pairings were determined by team prestige, and then each teammate was paired up with a person on the other team based on thier prestige. So the players doing the best on each team would play each other.

@TonyStellato In the rare situation where I actually face a Shaper, and that Shaper has SMC and Plascrete in thier opening hand, I will push agendas and SanSans behind ice to tax them out. If they try and durdle, I will outpace them.

2 Feb 2016 Korrigan

Why Enigma over Quandry?

2 Feb 2016 lgbiteman

Played this last night at our weekly netrunner meetup - it was a lot of fun, ended up killing 2 runners, and scoring out against another 2. Scariest thing from my side of the table was seeing a Turntable hit the table, otherwise, it is pretty broken.

3 Feb 2016 Lazerus101

@AkAnderson Ahhhh like Foodcoats coats you in food? Wait what? XD

4 Feb 2016 Mechanoise

@Windave I'm pretty sure it's based on how many likes / favourites the decklist gets that week, I imagine there would be far too many submissions for a group of people to decide what gets decklist of the week. Everyone clearly wants to the post MWL Butchershop :)

4 Feb 2016 straygeologist

I ran this verbatim last night and it crushed twice. Well Done!

4 Feb 2016 Reznor

I'm not sure what's more interesting. The fact that you are aware that this is a broken deck but still use it... or that you actually enjoy playing it..

4 Feb 2016 straygeologist

Why is it broken? I'm new to the game, just looking to experience some good lists as I learn to build my own.

4 Feb 2016 PeekaySK

@straygeologist it really isn't - not against a decent opponent that, God forbid, is prepared for the MWL meta. If you're teched for repeat runs against Data Ravens (which you really should be, given it costs all of 2 influence and 2 deck slots, and also solves a bunch of other really annoying pieces of ICE) and either have good multiaccess, solid enough economy to trash a couple PADs and SanSans, or can afford to pack Clot, you're pretty much home safe.

Oh yeah, and you should actually play Carapace instead of relying on your opponent not trying to kill you.

4 Feb 2016 podoboyz99

@PeekaySK That's a lot to ask from a runner these days. That's why the deck is so good. It's streamed the runner so thin that they can't do all of those things.

5 Feb 2016 TonyStellato

@podoboyz99 can you explain to me how exactly the deck streams the runner so thin? Instead, it really looks like the MWL has streamed this deck so thin.

Since NBN is the top ID, everyone is running Plascrete. It seems like this deck has no way around Clot while also having no way around Plascrete. When I ran Haarpshop, I ran Info Overload to get rid of Plascretes. In my NEH Butchershop now I run Shattered Remains as well. In NEH Fast Advance, you have every FA option in this deck but then also Biotic Labour. That is in addition to Cyberdex, SfSS, or both. The point is that these decks run all of the pieces they can to support their win condition, but GlassShop doesn't. It just does two things decently, instead of one thing really really well. It runs a basic FA package (SanSan Astro) and only 2 scorches. That's in addition to not protecting against its counters. I don't get what would make this deck work in a really competitive setting (Store Champs, for instance).

5 Feb 2016 MightyToenail

This is proof that the issues in this game lie not in the cards, but in the identities. NEH, Kate, and ETF are all broken as hell.

5 Feb 2016 CapAp

I must be missing something. Why is this deck of the week? Is there something that sets it apart from other NEH decks? I don't see a single unexpected card in here.