CI7 Reborn (1st Place US Nationals, 5-1)

Joseki 2560

It occurred to us in SF while testing Hasty CI, that often times we'd end games after drawing very nearly our entire deck. Which made us wonder if there was really any sense in playing Hasty Relocation when we had drawn our entire deck in every game we won. Credit to the SF team of Weston, Noah, and Philip for helping test and refine this list.

Flash back to a few weeks ago, I was very upset that Power Shutdown was errata'd. I felt like I had spent hundreds of hours in vain dedicating myself to an extremely skill intensive, and fair deck, with obvious metagame counters. The general community seemed to feel otherwise, and the overwhelming consensus was that Power Shutdown was too strong.

This deck is much more powerful than the shutdown CI deck ever was.

In testing, we routinely won through double sac con double councilman clot, multiple siphon 3x e. strike andy, smoke, you name it. We knew we were slightly cold to anarch 3x Siphon 3x Keyhole 3x Eater Whizzard (hence the 1x swordsman) so we had to make the meta call or dodge that matchup.

If you've played standard PS CI7, this deck will feel right at home to you. The general idea, is that you get down to 9 to 0 cards in deck, then use biotic labor to compensate for the clicks you used to play AD or Anonymous tip to draw your entire deck. You will trivially draw your deck by turn 7 or 8, and then easily go off with many clicks and jackson slots remaining.

The main difference between this deck and PS CI, is that instead of all your cards ending up in your archives, you just straight up draw them all, so you are significantly more flexible in your ability to win through mass amounts of hate cards.

The Panic Button is pretty insane. It basically shuts off the runner from being able to run HQ, which is very good when most of the agendas wind up there. =)

If you have any questions about the deck I'm happy to answer here, otherwise you can find me on stimhack slack @joseki.

5 Jun 2017 westonodom

It's true, the deck is absolutely insane. I regularly win games and at the end realize I forgot to take my EC clicks. It can win with 2 Jacksons removed from game. It can trivially beat 3-5 hate cards (more if you want to get creative). This deck is just insane.

5 Jun 2017 LSK

What do your piles usually look like?

5 Jun 2017 scd

So excited for this. Grats John and thank you!

5 Jun 2017 adquen

How do you make sure your Shipment from SanSans (and, if you need it, Interns) go to Archives, if you do not draw them early enough to just discard while drawing up? I know you can do stuff with Reuse, even in the combo, I just wonder if that is a problem or if you can easily play around that.

5 Jun 2017 scd

Any thoughts/reflections on the right number of each Shipment for this deck?

5 Jun 2017 scd

Also -- any thoughts on Paper Wall/MoGo ice suite for this version of CI7?

5 Jun 2017 spags

Nice job.

SO glad they didn't hit AD with the MWL... :disappointed:

5 Jun 2017 ctz

Install-ADV-ADV shop

5 Jun 2017 Quarg

@adquen You can play Reuse as part of the combo to get important pieces in the bin, and as with standard CI7 trickery, a Biotic in an AD, is worth a double in hand, which can both be used to deal with SFSS or Interns stuck in hand.

5 Jun 2017 kata124

Congrats! So is there a way to purge through 3saccon, CloneChip, and Clot? I remember reading that it's only possible with a second dex (trial or CVS). Also, as a runner, do you use the saccons on the EC or on the GFI/PV?

5 Jun 2017 triorph

I tested this concept a few times last night (not the exact deck, something slightly worse since I was trying to recreate it myself). I found it not too hard to ditch the SFSS/interns while drawing in testing this deck, since you have way more draw than actual money, but you're also rich enough that you could play biotic labor in the combo and not care. Usually you also don't need the interns because all the combo pieces are in hand so you just SFMM twice.

My turns were usually:

sfmm JH, JH, EC

some level of biotic + jackson draw to get the last cards out of R&D

AD (sfmm JH, PV, GFI, SFSS(EC), SFSS(EC)), score and take EC clicks


SFK (GFI+PV) to win.

Notice: like 3 clicks spare, and an unused jackson on the board. I can easily see how this basically tears apart any combo hate, but perhaps causes the corp to think very slowly about how they do it.

5 Jun 2017 Dazzler

how does the combo work ?

5 Jun 2017 triorph

This was written for the power shutdown version. The difference here is that you have to draw all the cards instead of playing power shutdown.

5 Jun 2017 Dazzler

thanks so much @triorph

6 Jun 2017 TheBigBoy

Any reason for only 2 VLC? I thought that was the best card!

6 Jun 2017 leachrode

@TheBigBoy Joseki said on slack that VLC and UVC are the wrong way round, it's 2 Ultra 3 Violet which yea, makes way more sense

6 Jun 2017 ANRguybrush

Why is this deck more powerful than PS CI7 and what stopped us playing this before the PS errata? Is UVLC why it works to great?

I occasionally won turn 2-5 with PS CI7, I don't see this happening with this deck.

6 Jun 2017 bluebird503

Congrats! Sweet deck.

6 Jun 2017 leachrode

I've been wondering that, I guess by drawing the whole deck rather than dumping half of it into the bin you can pretty much always save slots by having all installables and SFKs in hand/not have to rec order anything which gives you a ton of flex, but it does seem to put a hard limit on how fast you can go off which didn't used to exist with shutdown (after VLC came out).

This is pretty sick though, I'm glad the CI flame is alive and well (at least until rotation).

6 Jun 2017 Joseki

@guy.brushyou are much more resilient to all forms of typical CI hate with this build due to the volume of cards you draw (and not putting it all the bin) - you also can go off without needing the runner to make a run, dramatically reducing the amount of cards the runner gets to see in a given game. Don't get me wrong, it'd be better with PS, but alas that is not an option.

I think changing the list going forward, having 1x Best Defense would be nice. You can play it from hand to hit Sac Cons/Councilmans, then put it in AD piles to clean up other troublesome cards. You can often pretty easily win through many hate pieces, but having the easy mode Best Defense might be worth haha.

7 Jun 2017 mkwht603

I am just astonished how resilient this deck is to the usual CI7 hate. In the past Leela Patel used to be an insta-scoop, but now, given enough credits, it's possible to combo off through her ability even if she's scored both GFIs and trashed all 3 jacksons. Congrats on the win, Joseki.

8 Jun 2017 SneakdoorMelb

@westonodomHow do you win with 2 Jacksons RFG?

8 Jun 2017 mkwht603

@SneakdoorMelb what I would do in that situation is biotic biotic, install jackson, pop him for shipment from mirrormorph, shipment from sansan x2, accelerated diagnostics, install all three agendas from hand and put 4 advancements on efficiency committee. Have 3 clicks left. Manually advance twice the GFI, then score the efficiency and use the ability x3, then use shipment from kaguya x3

7 Jul 2017 AtropheX

@Josekiwe were talking about this exact addition today (Best Defense), but couldn't think of a good card to replace for it. What are your thoughts?

31 Jul 2017 jrda25

My first CI! Won our Philippine Regionals last weekend. Thank you '@Joseki! -JR