Violent Level Clearance - 1st at Milton Keynes Store Champ

vinegarymink 419

Took down a 28 person SC at Wargames Milton Keynes with this deck, undefeated on the day.

I cut the Subliminal Messaging as I don't find myself using it all that often. I didn't miss it on the day.

Turing was excellent. On the day three Criminal players tried the Vamadeva into Siphon play in the earlygame and were shut out.

I'm fairly sure that Enforced Curfew is the best current to play in this deck. The 1 credit tax from Scarcity adds up in Current wars, and you don't want to play Scarcity early since you need to hold it for Employee Strike.

Paper Wall didn't feel great. I faced a decent amount of Faust on the game and wished I had an Ice that sticks around to continue to tax cards. I should probably have been playing Macrophage or Rototurret since people facecheck CI Ice a lot, but I wasn't punished too much for it.

Violet Level Clearance is an absurd card.

5 Feb 2017 Swiftie

Well done on naming the deck after a card that is in the deck.

6 Feb 2017 tzeentchling

When I saw the name of the deck, I was really hoping it was a Scorched Earth/BOOM! style CI, instead of just CI7.