Jack's Renaissance v4 (Undefeated SC 2nd place)

JohnnyMilton 1017

Play fast and flatline. That's how Jack did it, that's how we do it.

Anarchs are everywhere and they're poor and We Hunt The Poor®


Here's the deal:


Knowing trace maths can make installing and double advancing something a heart warming win-win scenario.

The early game is often characterised by you spiking in credits something fierce, especially off the back of operations and Hostile Takeover scores. We use Midseason Replacements because this is the time you're most likely to land Midseasons and those tags will often last the whole game. After that point, you're walking an economical tightrope to keep servers defended, trash key resources and maybe land a kill. Sometimes you need to setup more than you'll need to deny your opponent. You'll know the difference.


It's a viable threat. With this deck, you can learn to leverage it into scoring agendas and having lightly defended servers. That's #WeylandLife. Archived Memories and Reclamation Order let you power through Plascretes OR bring back milled cards/money.

Don't play Taurus: USE MORE FIRE.


High-Risk Investment keeps you moving. Project Atlas is always amazing for hopefully obvious reasons. Oaktown Renovation maintains momentum. The Future is Now is great - play up the search mystery. Hostile Takeover is something you will score first turn surprisingly often.

Play fast and you can win by scoring these. Don't forget that.


I almost never mulligan. Having played this deck so many times, there's always plays out of hand and decks full of good stuff just keep giving up options. Trust the deck. Walk the tightrope. Punish ignorance. Punish folly.


Noise: Protect HQ and R&D, the threat is intense.

Hunter does a surprising amount of work on R&D vs. repeat Medium digs and taxing runs on HQ should prevent too much Imping. Seriously, fear the Imp. Purging is really important. Vs Imps, Medium digs and Datasuckers (your Archers are precious). Also, you don't want them Imping your agendas. They'll want to win the game on one Archives run to dodge the Midseasons. You can Jackson back all but one during the run to achieve this though.

Housekeeping is purest hate. Watch them squirm.

Shapers: Shaper BS is tough.

Your ICE gets blanked and they can draw into Plascrete Carapaces quickly. Archer is still tough, and tags will slow down their econ when you trash up ProCo and Pawnshop. Play fast, know your windows. Recur Scorches till they burn and try to guess if Siphons are incoming.

Housekeeping is purest hate. Watch them squirm.

Criminals: Um, I guess remember that Inside Job and Siphons are a thing?

Val: This one's tough. Bait with Jacksons if you've got them. Draw and hope for an early Midseasons and then smash face.

Dumblefork: Follow the plan, see if they can keep up.

DLR: Recur economy. Trash the mill. Score when you can. You might even get a kill. You can win this. Oh yeah, and that stuff about Housekeeping.

26 Mar 2016 WayneMcPain

I've been trying to make a BABW build that worked well for a while now. (I went with a program trashing build, running Ichi 1.0, Aggressive Secretary, Archer, Wendigo, Changeling and the likes, and it wasn't bad, but I can't pretend like it wouldn't be better out of HB.)

I kinda agree that the three O&C IDs are strictly better in most regards, but there is something about just being able to print money that the Runner generally can't touch, and Scorch the hell out of them. That's always been BABW's best play and I think it still is now.

I love Reclamation Order here. If the runner is swimming in tags, but has 2 Plascretes and IHW, I think the next logical step is, of course, to just keep on scorching until they die. I definitely feel like this is the way BABW is meant to be played.

My only big concern is 2 Wormhole. I have a hard enough time getting a single one to work in most of my Weyland decks. Do you find yourself getting much mileage out them? I would replace one with Mother Goddess. In a deck running light on ICE, MG can pull some serious weight and allow you to score, sometimes multiple times, behind it uncontested.

Very, very cool deck. 10/10 would Scorch again

27 Mar 2016 JohnnyMilton

@WayneMcPain Hey Wayne! You're 100% on my rationale in choosing the ID. Operation economy is difficult to disrupt and enables faster gameplay. You can play a similar list out of Blue Sun and Titan Transnational, I suspect, with a couple of tweaks to exploit those IDs better.

Mother Goddess is beautiful <3 and rush incarnate but I think her stock has depreciated in the Age of Faust. Wormhole will tax D4v1d counters (important for keeping Archer threatening, especially if you can place Wormhole in front) or it'll force a massive hand blowout via Faust, the kind that people generally aren't comfortable with making against Weyland. Or it'll make some criminals very poor. All good things. The advancements also create uncertainty and some players set up a bit more before running on it (god knows why, but it's a thing).

Getting it online... I usually just drop it ASAP and advance it twice or as is comfortable. You're right that it can be awkward but, having played with it for a while, I went up from one to two because the problem it presents to you is often less than that for the runner and ultimately I'm just comfortable with it. YMMV.

Slot MG and let us know how you go? #scorchfansunite #wearethekilluminati

27 Mar 2016 Jack Weyland

I approve this message.

27 Mar 2016 ANRguybrush

@Jack Weyland I approve your approval.

27 Mar 2016 RubbishyUsername

What do you do about Film Critic? Build a remote like a boss?

27 Mar 2016 Larro

A Contract Killer or two could be useful to off Film Critics. Just a thought.

27 Mar 2016 JohnnyMilton

@Jack Weyland Thanks boss!

27 Mar 2016 JohnnyMilton

@Larro Paying the trace on Snatch and Grab and Midseason Replacements in one game is probably too much, so if you wanna pack hate, Contract Killer is the right call (and cool as hell).

On the other hand, I'm hesitant to pack hate for another hate card and Film Critic hasn't been a problem for me yet. I consider the second Housekeeping a flex slot and would swap that if your agendas suffer local Critique.

27 Mar 2016 JohnnyMilton

@RubbishyUsername You got it. You need to trust in RNGesus a bit, to deliver you Archers and a blend of different gearchecks for that remote, but you've got Jackson and The Future is Now and Project Atlas and faith to deliver you.

Playing fast goes a long way here too; Shapers durdle a bit these days.

OR you could play True Netrunner® and install two agendas, which gets around Film Critic (sort of, if they waste a click) ;)

27 Mar 2016 Ironcache

I'm pretty sure all of the "defense" aspects of Weyland came with the Board pushing Jack Weyland out. Jack Weyland comes off as the Elon Musk of the Netrunner universe; not really good or evil, but just interested in making "the next big thing".

Nerd lore aside, yeah cool deck 5/7.

28 Mar 2016 JohnnyMilton

@Ironcache Thanks!

28 Mar 2016 WayneMcPain

@JohnnyMilton Yeah, Wormhole is great against Faust -- but where there is Faust, there is also D4v1d. Taxing a D4 counter is good too I suppose. I just don't like spending a whole turn setting up a single piece of ice. Mother Goddess taxes 2 cards and can't be D4'd, and in every other matchup (except Atman, but I don't see that very often) it's a huge scoring window enabler. I would probably go one of each, but a one off Wormhole might as well be a Spiderweb I suppose. All I know is MG has served me well, even in today's meta. It's just hard having no access to good code gates. That's Weyland though I suppose. Wendigo does a surprising amount of work though.

30 Mar 2016 hi_impact

Great stuff - if there has ever been a way to leverage BABW it is reclaiming operations. Titan may make more money in the long run with 2x HRI counters and Mark Yale, but its all delayed and relies very heavily on scoring before the payout which means more ICE and less murder support.

Film Critic has been on the rise due to Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth rush decks packing TFP and other decks creeping NAPD back in. I certainly think Contact Killer is a valid option. Slap it down, don't advance it, and pop it next turn. Long as you aren't on match point they won't contest it most likely since you aren't Titan getting Atlas counters.

6 Apr 2016 Maerik

Thanks for the great deck! I took this card for card to a local Spring Kit tournament and got second (this deck was 2-2). I won both games by kill and lost the other two to desperation plays after I'd landed the Midseasons but before I could lock in the kill.

Not sure what I'd change. The deck served me well against Noise, Kit, Whizzard, and Leela. I got the Crisium at the exact perfect time against a CBI raid, and Kit stalled against layered ice until she died.

Good job!