Chaos Replication - Now I think finalized :)

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tpsviper 252

24 Mar 2014 PeekaySK

I'm curious whether the concept will float, it's definitely interesting. Here's a couple minor optimalizations that I can see room for:

  • Drop the third Replicator, put in a Diesel instead. The reason for this is that you don't usually want more than one Replicator played out (especially since you're not running Aesop to sell them off), which will leave the third copy floating around in your deck. That's pretty meh... a Diesel will often net you the Replicator anyway when played, and is actually useful even afterwards, where the spare Replicator wouldn't be
  • Consider adding an Aesop, to create useful cash infusions out of cards you don't need anymore (like, the Public Sympathies once you run out of cards, the Replicator once you're done creating copies, etc)
  • I would probably drop the Levy, simply based on how horrible your second run through the deck will be. You won't even get a lot of cards out of it, since you're Hardware-based much more than you're Event-based - most of your cards will be on the table at this point. I'd consider adding in either a third Diesel, or a second Quality Time in its place
  • Do you really need the Akamatsus? I'd just drop them completely and replace one of them with a second copy of the Toolbox - that way, you can thin your deck of the second copy when you play the first one, and you should be just fine, memory-wise
  • Personally, I'd be tempted to take out the Workshops and one Stimhack, and replace them with Dirty Laundries and a third Cyberfeeder. That's more of a personal preference, though.

Good luck with the deck!

24 Mar 2014 tpsviper

Well I already made some tweaks including taking out replicator.. In Chaos Theory there is no need :). I added the extra toolbox, took out the mem chips and I'm running 2 test run and 2 scavenge now while taking out the draw power. It's winning games but still feels a bit off. I might need some derezzing power for the front loaded ice like tollbooth and data raven but it is amazing how fast this can get set up and how efficient it is when up. I had 2 people concede already as they said there was no way of stopping me. Fun deck! I'll keep tweaking!