Bio-Ethics - ANRPC-NACH 1st place

TugtetguT 1604

This is the corp deck I brought to the Nordic ANRPC finals. It went 6-0 on the day and have been performing very well on J-net as well - though you do get a bit of salt for playing IG :-)

It is not a self made deck and the only changes I did from Dan D'Argenio's 'Mills IG' was to to remove 2x Chronos Projects add 1 Fetal and the 3rd Cerebral Static. I found I never really scored Chronos Project and the 3rd Cerebral deals with Whizzard + Employee Strike.

Five of my games were streamed + commentated and can be watched here:

A last note thank you to everyone involved in the tournament it was a blast to participate in and was so well-organized!

18 May 2016 Oziride

yeeee you won!

teamTugtetguT :)

18 May 2016 TugtetguT

Hahaha thanks man! :)

18 May 2016 Oziride

p.s. I was looking for you online but I can't find you. I'm seeing all the match, for now I notice some missplay in Rd2 (Bad Pub from Elizabeth Mills trash and Chameleon that doesn't return in hand)

18 May 2016 TugtetguT

Yup, didn't catch both of those while in the heat of it all. I'm gonna forget a lot of sucker tokens in later rounds :-)