San Sans Breakers - 2-3 Crown of Server 2022 - HB

Diogene 3941

The theme that was adopted by my team, for Crown of Server 2022, was glacier deck (using Jinja City Grid) and breakerless runners, as a fun theme and self counter theme.

I still remember one game, when we were all playing corp at the same time, and we all add tall remotes and centrals, with at least 4 ices on the remote and 4 on R&D (and sometime HQ). The faces of the opposing team was priceless, each member wondering how to deal with all those ices.

I thought there would be Apocalypse and I was right. Unfortunately, but so very ironically, I got an Apocalypse on my deck while holding Crisium Grid in hand. That was EPIC!

Otherwise, this is an enhanced version of my previous deck. I added Crisium Grid to protect myself against Apocalypse (it also worked against Diversion of Funds in the event), with Ansel 1.0 and Fairchild 3.0 as nice target for Architect Deployment Test.

The third Global Food Initiative was very good and allowed me to have a more consistent win in 3 agendas pattern. But, as Sokka mentionned in his video, NEXT Activation Command gives a few burst turns to score against Endurance. His meta call was better (of course).

This deck is rather consistent and has lots of way to deal with Endurance. But if you decide to deal with Endurance on the remote, using Border Control, you become vulnerable to Apocalypse. I think putting in a 3rd Crisium Grid would make the deck better. To avoid being flooded, Sprint is great and pairs well with Jinja City Grid.

Thanks to my teammate, itsjreal and is44ru for going along with the theme. A special mention for itsjreal who pull us throught the ranking, with decks that he had not practiced with! We finished 16 out of 41 teams.

Congratulation to all who participated and a huge thanks and unending admiration to the judge and organizer of the event : you did an astounding job at running the event that went smoothly.