Minority Report

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Minority Report

Minority Report

67% of 50% of the time, it works every time...

Psychic Field and a Prisec - They can go in the same server. Just imagine that....

This deck has gone undefeated through two recent tournaments: 8 Flatlines and 1 score out.

-- Edit (Deck now 11-1 through 3 tournaments) but has now also won a GNK! --

--Edit 2: I took this to the Edinburgh BABW event and it went 5-0 on the day, taking its tournament record to 16-1--

Edinburgh Games Hub GNK - 4 rounds - Through a very strong field of players - 2nd place by SOS

Hadrian's Wall event in Newcastle - 5 rounds - again, including a very strong field of players - 4th Place

Just as importantly though, this deck is ridiculously fun to pilot. There are decision points everywhere and it has a huge number of paths to victory. The original base came from Timmy Wong's Yellow Shell deck . That deck was one of the most fun corp decks I have ever played. Sadly, with the advent of the MWL, the deck took a hit and I put it away for a bit.

Roll on 8 months and the meta is at a very interesting point. Assets are still very strong. Whizzard remains top tier and the release of Temujin has meant that Runners are doing what they should be doing - Running. Other than CTM, most corps are in a rough spot because of this. Criminal decks are making more money than they know what to do with (Rude Girl) and Anarch has tools to keep up with trashing assets, ICE and keeping glacier in decline (Rumor Mill). I thought that a shell game which punished remote checking could be in a good spot. I went back to Timmy's list for inspiration. One of my favorite things about that deck was having the runner hit a Psychic field, watching their face drop, and subsequently the amount of remote running drop as they had to play safe. Kills via Breaking news on the board were fairly common.

This deck packs kill potential in a number of different ways. One of the most potent (and fun!) is a remote with a Psychic Field and a Prisec. If the runner runs this and accesses Field first they will die - 67% of the time anyway (IHW aside). Even if a runner knows what is happening you can sneak agenda out past them on the Prisec. If you were a runner, would you want to risk instant death to check a remote? I don't think I would.

The rest of the package is there to allow other, now commonplace, kill options. 24/7 Scorch becomes more potent with Psychic Field. If they run on click one into a Field the runner can usually only end their turn on 3 cards. This allows 24/7 single scorch and helps to mitigate the fact we have to drop to only running 2.

Agenda Suite: Standard NBN Suite right now. Breaking news is amazing and GFI is, well, GFI

Ice Suite: Again nothing too fancy here: 3 Resistor to follow up the tagging and help prevent tag me runs into R&D. 3 Data Raven is also to help prevent early repeat runs into R&D or for Siphon protection. I often have to discard additional copies later in the game once Sensie is firing but I want to see one early game as I have no other cheap medium digging protection apart from Archangel. Tollbooth is there to help me score in a remote if needed or again to help protect R&D. Enigma is a cheap and effective facecheck ETR.

Assets: Pad and Sensie are the heart of the economy in this deck. Sensie is a bonkers card and simply getting 3 single uses from them is normally enough to find the cards you need. Runners don’t want to be checking facedowns too often against this deck, allowing that to happen. The runner really has to trash these but it costs them clicks and money. This lets you sneak agendas past. Often Pads end up left on the board - these are really important for you and help you keep ticking over after your operations are done. Shattered Remains is a new inclusion - replacing a News Team to help deal with Plascrete and Sport Hopper.

Operations: 24/7, Scorch are obviously key kill pieces as discussed above - Sweeps and Hedge Fund are there for the early burst of economy and to threaten Hard Hitting News. This allows you to really push out remotes early, knowing that the runner is not likely to run too early and check the majority of them. This can allow you early agenda sneaking with relative safety and get you to 24/7 range faster. Prisec is also a punishing card in this area - 3 to trash and then time to clear a tag can really open up HHN plays. Exchange is amazing as ever but it serves a different purpose in this deck. It is more of a card to allow you to slow down the runner who goes tag me and give you more time to find your kill. If you get that window for a Breaking News into Exchange for GFI then great. Scoring off the board naked is always a possibility with the deck, furthering this type of play. Psychographics is another late addition to the deck suggested by Seamus Macleod - I wanted another out against tag me runners - Matty Addison had given me a hard time with double Plascrete Siphon Andy and this is an ideal addition to help in that situation. At Hadrian's it got me out of a hole against DLR MaxX when I got the fabled 13-advanced Beale - Le Grande Beale as Stephen Murdoch would call it. Side note - ask him about all the different types of Beale if you get the chance to play him. He has a name for them all and they are all perfect. You will know who he is: he’ll be playing on the beautiful Beale Mat.

Deck Play suggestions: Get spamming those remotes early. This lets you find your Pad and Sensies quickly and really puts pressure on the runner whilst setting up your economy. If you can get a score off the board early you can force them to start remote checking and this helps open up the kill options discussed above. Normal strategy of getting Ice over HQ early against Criminal/Siphon and R&D against Shaper and Anarch applies. If it looks like the runner is going after your economy then get a resistor or Engima over a Pad Campaign. You need to keep some money ticking in for later on. As with a lot of NBN decks right now, focusing on scoring early is really important. If you try to go for the kill from the start you can end up in a position where that isn't viable and you will have left yourself no other win condition. I think this is even more important here because the kill can come from unexpected directions and they all take slightly different paths. Score first and see what kill options open up to you.

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So perhaps give this deck a spin and see if you enjoy it! I love playing this type of deck - it is really interesting to see what options you have from turn to turn and nearly every card you draw gives you options to try and force the runner into a mistake. I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on the deck or suggestions for improvement.



5 Sep 2016 Sunyavadin

My Psychographics and Beale came in really handy at the Hadrian's tournament. It is so nice when your opponent goes full tagme. But landing the 13-Beale is the dream. Best thing I managed against that Maxx deck was All Seeing I after his ID ability milled his fall guys. Really wish I'd had a Blacklist to prevent the Levy.

5 Sep 2016 just_rob

@Sunyavadin Yeah I'm really glad I added Psycho. It makes a big difference and just offers that other win condition. I would love to find space for the other tag punishment like ASI and closed but it is soo difficult to fit it all in! #NBNproblems

6 Sep 2016 firesa

hard hitting news seems bad in an NEH deck without closed accounts? I'd cut one HHN for a closed accounts for sure. In any case looks like a fun deck, will test it a bit myself :D

6 Sep 2016 just_rob

@firesaClosed accounts would be a good addition to the deck for sure. I nearly included it over Shattered remains but I was seeing a bit more plascrete after the first tournament with it. I may test out Closed in place of EOI but that card is soo potent right now I'm not sure if I would feel comfortable dropping it. Let me know how your testing goes, hopefully you enjoy playing it!

6 Sep 2016 lpoulter

Deck of the week right here.

6 Sep 2016 gozik

Nope, there is not enough gifs

6 Sep 2016 just_rob

@lpoulter Cheers! How did the rest of your games go with it? I heard you were playing it a few times this morning! Any suggestions or tweaks?

6 Sep 2016 just_rob

@gozik Haha @Unitled asked me If I added the second one because it had a cat. In reality my friend Ronan and I murdered each other at Hadrian's Wall and he sent this to report our results to our grout chat. It seemed fitting! But also it has a cat and things on the Internet need cats from what i'm told.

6 Sep 2016 unitled

Right, so Ronan is your FRIEND and I'm just @unitled? Thanks Rob.

Psychic Field is such an underrated card, people are always surprised when they find it's 1 inf. I've messed with it in asset spam (with Neural EMPs) and in Weyland Kill (difficulty was getting them to run it there), but never put the two together as now seems logical.

I was always gonna have a difficult time against this as I've not got meat damage protection (just how I roll), but you played our game perfectly. An early BN then a NA astro meant I was pretty much dead in the water!

6 Sep 2016 BobAloVskI

I agree with Psychic Field being underrated. I remember using them in a deck at the start of the year to protect SanSans. The goal was to (trash the Psychic Field protecting the SanSan) and score a 3/2 then use a Team Sponsorship to put the Field right back there. They very rarely were willing to run that server to lose their hand and pay 7 to trash everything. If they do, it sets them back two turns (drawing and moneying up) so you can use that to your advantage.

6 Sep 2016 just_rob

@unitled I could have gone with Good Friend for you both but that is very Edinburgh specific :p

Yeah our game was deffinately tilted in my favour. Silouhette with plascrete would be interesting. The expose still triggers the field but you don't have the same auto death risk as running it. And if you do you know what not to access first. We should run the match up again with you updated deck. No way I am going to out money your deck for HHN!

6 Sep 2016 just_rob

``@BobAloVskI` That is a great use of Field for sure. I would deff like to get in a copy of San San to see how it worse out. Perhaps dropping a GFI for a restructured data pool and hope to bottom it with Sensie. It could certainly open up more plays with Breaking news. And even more viable with the upcoming Boom!

6 Sep 2016 just_rob

@BobAloVskI That is a great use of Field for sure. I would deff like to get in a copy of San San to see how it worse out. Perhaps dropping a GFI for a restructured data pool and hope to bottom it with Sensie. It could certainly open up more plays with Breaking news. And even more viable with the upcoming Boom!

6 Sep 2016 BobAloVskI

I think SanSan City Grid is really powerful with Breaking News. Especially if you are going for the kill.

The best part I like about this deck is it makes runners more cautious playing Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center. So when I rock up with a Russian NEH style deck, even them building up for a turn while they figure out my deck can allow me to run away with the tempo. I guess it works the other way too: if they are expecting a fast NEH with must trash assets they will run early on which means your style of deck can line up the kill.

6 Sep 2016 just_rob

@BobAloVskI Having two totally different deck styles from the same ID is always very handy. The old Butchershop or FA NEH was always an important thing to work out in the first few turns of the game. HHN makes running to find that out more dangerous. Money was supposed to be the flavour of the flashpoint Cycle and it certainly feels that Damon hit that one on the head!

7 Sep 2016 ClubbingSealCub

This deck is disgusting and Psychic Field should not exist.

9 Sep 2016 herod1204

God damn it. I have wanted to make psychic field work in NBN for so long, and I've tried it so many times. Sir, I salute you,

9 Sep 2016 just_rob

@herod1204 Very kind! Has to be the most punishing facecheck out there, Nothing like a good shell game, always great fun!

10 Sep 2016 just_rob

Update on the deck! Took it along to a little 6 player GNK, deck went 2-1 losing to Keyhole Account Siphon Andy but won the GNK! Woo!

11 Sep 2016 Syntax

You're doing nothing with Psychic fields & Prisec.

You should consider the "Kati Jones for corp" (can't remember the name), it's an upgrade and playing it with psychic field is funny.

11 Sep 2016 just_rob

@Syntax Shell Corporation? You could go all out and have that, a Psychic Field AND a Prisec in the same remote!

14 Sep 2016 ClubbingSealCub

This deck is the reason I've started slotting Guru Davinder into all my decks. I hope you're happy.

14 Sep 2016 just_rob

@ClubbingSealCubI wish I could like comments on NRDB :p

22 Sep 2016 MaxSchwartzNetrunner

It's only Minority Report if you play Jinteki and steal a Nisei MK II!!1

7 Nov 2016 lag0s

@just_robI piloted nearly this exact list to a 7-2 finish at World's 2016. My only change was -1 Shattered Remains to +1 Targeted Marketing. I never managed to pull off a Psychic Field + Prisec kill but I had plenty of Scorch kills and managed to score out more easily than I was expecting. One of my favorite plays of the tournament was stacking Prisec on Prisec in a remote behind Data Raven: it's just so brutal for the runner to recover from that and it can help set them up for a Hard-Hitting News. Thanks so much for sharing the list, it is a lot of fun to play!

3 Dec 2016 just_rob

@lag0s That's awesome, I'm glad to hear it went well for you at Worlds! Sadly the deck has been caught in crossfire of Hate bear, miffed val and Shapers packing NACH and film critic so it has had to go back in the box for me for now. Hopefully I'll get to pull it out again one day soon!