Rigshooter Outfit - 6th @ 32 person SC (2-3)

rotage 2901

Not much to say, just a regular Rigshooter list that wasn't tested and it showed, losing more than it won, going forward I would either look at making more of a hybrid list using City Works and Murder or trying Rigshooter in HB

12 Apr 2021 Davidmc7

I feel like Weyland Rigshooter decks are usually pretty successful running SDS Drone Deployment as their key agenda. Public Trail + Retribution is also a fun new combo to ruin plans.

12 Apr 2021 rotage

@Davidmc7 Yeah good points, I'd switch to 3 SDS, 3 City Works and 2 Hostiles. I like idea of public trail and retribution but its a 2 card combo but Trojan Horse is just one and I feel slots could be tight