Trolling the message - 1st place at Dice House Game SC

raphaeln 502

1st place in the Dice House Store Champs (Fullerton, CA) on November 13th with 27 players.

Went 4-0 in swiss. Wins against 3x CtM. ID last round.

Went 3-0 in double-elimination. Wins against 3x CtM .

This is a pretty standard Nexus Kate deck that I've been since GenCon. I also took it to Worlds and it went 8-1, beating 5x CtM. As far as I remember, this deck is undefeated against CtM.

So, as you can see, if your meta is full of nasty CtM decks, just play this and have fun trolling their message! :)

14 Nov 2016 aermet69

Well done. I still have a hard time understanding why more people didn't pack Link at Worlds, when CTM seemed to be the deck played (as well as NBN in general).

15 Nov 2016 raphaeln

Thanks! Yeah, I also don't understand it. It seems that many players think that Nexus Kate (or other high link runners) doesn't have a match up much better than Whizz against CtM and other corps. I'm a bit skeptical about that, especially given the results I had with the deck. But maybe they are right, and I just got lucky or didn't play the good CtM players (which I doubt it)... Also it's worth noting that this deck has a great match up against any version of SYNC, unlike any Whizz deck.

15 Nov 2016 CirclMastr

Congrats on the win! It was great to meet you all at Dice House (I came in 4th, the one with the grindy RP deck).

15 Nov 2016 raphaeln

Thank you! It was great meeting and playing with you! I'm really glad I chose to corp against you after seen your game against Gerry. I do have a FBF on this deck for this sort of match up, but I'm not entirely sure it would be enough to play against your deck. Nicely done on your very first SC!

15 Nov 2016 wynalazca

Can someone please explain to me how to use Paricia? Every time I play a Nexus Kate deck I NEVER install the Paricia since I feel like it'll just clog up my MU and not be worth the install click. I think I'd rather just play a 2nd Beth in that slot like 99% of the time (free draw is usually worth more than the 2 and the extra click is at minimum = the 2 with MOPUS installed). I just don't get that card.

15 Nov 2016 raphaeln

I didn't have Paricia on my original list, but I got convinced it is a good tech card against CtM (and any asset spam deck). Against those decks you rarely need more than 2 programs (MOpus + another emergency breaker), so MU is not necessarily a problem. I would say that, against CtM, Paricia is the third thing I want to have (after MOpus and Rabbit Holes). But I can totally see a case for a 2nd Beth here (and I think that's what I cut actually for Paricia). The thing is that Paricia is easily tutored with SMC and you want to have one of the two as soon as possible against CtM or asset spams decks.

21 Nov 2016 Meristem

So, the question that is burning me up: How does this deck deal with Sentries over STR 3? I'm considering dropping Mimic and one Clone Chip to fit in a GS Shrike M2.


21 Nov 2016 raphaeln

That's a good question and for a long time I did have Shrike on my list. While Shrike is great against things like Komainu and Tour Guide, paying 4 to break Architect really sucks. You use Atman and/or Security Nexus for Sentries over 3. Unless they stack them (which never happened to me), that's the plan. But, I think including Shike is also legit. I just wouldn't drop one Clone Chip, because I think with only one CC it's not worth having the Clot on the deck. I would probably drop the Mimic and Employee Strike, or the Vamp.