Planet Express v2

Pinkwarrior 2278

A streamlined Prof deck. It's rather good at dealing with most decks without going crazy on programs still not sure the decks worth losing an ID ability for or not mind but it's proven it can win games regularly.

Faust Arguably the best AI in the game and add's some speed to your deck allowing you in to tho's rush deck remotes and with Net Mercur / Patron it can be fuelled quite easily.

Clot & Clone Chip's because FA is still a thing and this helps protect you from breaking news.

Net Mercur Basically a Desperado tho you need Stealth to get it going but still well worth it.

D4v1d can get you out of some jams Keyhole for Jinteki decks.

Opus Econ so you don't have to worry 2 much about tags Rabbit Hole for NBN decks and for an Extra MU with GS Shrike M2

Mirror for much needed MU and has some use with Lockpick

Employee Strike because you only have 1 Inf to spend and it's such a very powerful use of that Inf

20 Nov 2016 martinimon

Employee Strike, because if you can't really use your ID neither can they ahahah

20 Nov 2016 Pinkwarrior

@martinimon lol :) sounds fair.

20 Nov 2016 flott

What about Rebirth to change the identy to, let's say Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker? Sorry for asking this, I don't have much expericence with the The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge, but the choice seems so obvious.

20 Nov 2016 Pinkwarrior

@flott The problem with Rebirth is you've got no way to ensure you get it early and as a one of it's unlikely to be seen early so changing to any other runner in Shaper later on is of limited use when your setup. Also your carrying your downside over namely that you have 0 Inf to spend on anything else.

In my experience with Prof that 1 inf is best spent on stuff like Employee Strike, The Turning Wheel, Networking, Hades Shard, Political Operative / Utopia Shard depending on your build.