beyoken 6062

This was meant to be a joke deck. The potatoes definitely oversprouted on this one.

4 Dec 2016 dodgepong

A+++ would potato again

8 Dec 2016 Junior

As a long time Jinteki player, I love this deck. I managed to pull off some really good games, even against bad matchups. I was wondering if there was any particular reason to not use Psychic Field. It would be 1 potatoes for each card in hand... so 1 single potato. This means 1 potato on the deck as well. Can I hear your opinion on that, @beyoken? Thanks!

8 Dec 2016 beyoken

@Junior Deckslots, and the fact that Psychic Field doesn't defend centrals at all. Shock! is too good to pass up (Archives loaded with 3 Shock!s is a very safe place to stash agendas) and Snare! generates about as much potato starch as Psychic Field does even in a remote, but with the ability to fire from R&D too.

8 Dec 2016 dodgepong

If I were to make one change to this deck, it would probably be to add a 1-of Junebug somewhere. That can give advanced remotes a bit of teeth and threaten the bluff, potentially opening up a very small scoring plan. It's not a great scoring plan, but it's something that could help.

14 Dec 2016 Frogblast

How do you win if runner never runs?