Under the Flixbus (6th at SoS ✨🦨)

NotAgain 379

The evening before SoS, I was all set on taking a sicko version of the punitive aginfusion list. But then you realize that jinteki ice is garbage, every runner is expecting a kill and will be teched for it (steelskin, class act, stoneship) so it's a terrible idea.

Time to sleeve a new deck the evening before the event and hope it works. Luckily enough for me, I've played about 500 laurazmari-like decks ever since TAI was out (they didn't want grinder to be good so I was forced to play credit grinder). I was supposed to take Azmari but I couldn't find my proxy so decided to test out what people have been saying about R+ making more money than azmari and just took the same deck and switched to R+. (Spoilers, azmari makes more money and would probably have had better games with it than R+).

I've been toying with multiple iterations, the usual influence spend was seamless, econ warfare and chump change mavirus and a snare (sorry not sorry). What really was lacking was hard ETR (hard enough), high STR, expensive to break ice that actually kept the runner poor. Valentao is great for that. Has subroutines that care about the credit differential and has tag text on it. Time to send it!

Just go fast, seamless your cryptos, bell your onas and have the runner hold your bees.

As for the deck name, I had a bus to NYC at 1 AM which got cancelled an hour before (panic), then I ask a metamate, Dan since he was going down to SoS too to catch a ride. Get to his place in the morning and find out his car got towed (panic 2.0). Somehow still managed to get to NYC on time.

Absolutely got carried by my teammates DanB & Nykride to table one for almost the entirety of the tournament. A massive thanks to both of them, Dan for getting me to NYC, all of my meta mates whom I subjected to azmari for at least a couple months every week, kysra for organizing an amazing event, Cado, the commentators & to UNT for bouncing sicko deck ideas off of.

Closing thoughts: the deck is kinda mid and I mostly won off luck (behold) and getting carried. Could probably have made 2nd place for my team if I didn't completely throw in the final 2 rounds but maybe next time.

Anyway, about those trebuchets...