Why Are You Doing That? v3

LazerDoofus 1572

The Epic Journey To Make Custom Boitics Good...

This deck at it's core plays very much like a Weyland Supermodernism deck where you are trying to rush out your first couple agendas to put on pressure to force the runner to make a mistake, but your ability to capitalize on said mistake is even crazier in this deck than it was in supermodernism.

This deck can... Scorch 6 times in a turn, Score 2 Agendas out of hand in a turn, and Wipe an entire runner rig.

Still haven't taken this version to any tournaments, but in it's v1 I went 3-1 in one tournament, and completely undefeated in casual play

17 Dec 2014 Diegofsv

Finally! This decks was awesome and now is beyond crazy. Thx!

17 Dec 2014 moistloaf

i'd maybe cut to 2x Peak Efficiency. you don't want to see one early. otherwise looks effective as its claimed goals.

18 Dec 2014 mafkegel

What do you think of adding Archived Memories?

18 Dec 2014 Badeesh

How do you scorch six times? Overscored Vitruvius?

18 Dec 2014 Dydra

Interesting idea. However, Scorching 6 times? How? Even if you draw back with 3 Vitruvius counters, you still have 3 clicks?! You got 0 Biotic labors... even if you did 6 scorches is 18c .... if we assume u used 3 biotics to get to 6 clicks ... that's 12c more .... for a total of 30c ... that's not easy for a non-asset econ

Definitely not counting Midseason tagging power and whatnot

BTW if by any chance we see Midseason making it back into the meta, except some random NEH scorch/psycho deck, Paper Tripping is always just 2 influence away.

18 Dec 2014 Fridan

A scored efficiency would give you the 3 extra clicks.

18 Dec 2014 Diegofsv

Paper Tripping will hardly see game, even with Midseason Replacements playing a lot. The truth is, its such a situational card and even when Midseason Replacements is played, you are probably dead or will suffer badly anyway. As soon as you are full of tags, a Project Ares with Psychographics will clean out your board, multiple Scorched Earth will land if a Efficiency Committee is already scored...so the Paper Tripping you keep in your hand all the time is useless, most of the time. This deck makes A LOT of money and its pretty stupid how dangerous it gets when it lands a Midseason Replacements. Still, like all decks that depends on a lot of tags, Midseason Replacements must be played right. A really fast runner or a very rich one can be a hard problem to overcome.

18 Dec 2014 LazerDoofus

The conversation that was the genesis for this deck was my roommate and I talking about trying to make players in our meta start playing "bad" cards, I really wanted to force people to play paper tripping, so I built this... still nobody plays paper tripping :-(

20 Dec 2014 PackBenPack

Have you considered Shoot the Moon?

21 Dec 2014 SlySquid

I just played against this deck, it was a tough go man! Well done =)

24 Dec 2014 kaifeiyu

if NBN midseason scorched didn't make ppl play paper tripping this deck won't too. You beat it the same way you beat NBN midseasons

24 Dec 2014 CobraBubbles

Played a couple games with a slightly edited version of this today.

  • Loss to Kate. She was on 6 points and had just stolen, I had midseasons, psycho, vitruvius and scorch in hand. I could have midseasoned, psychoed out the vitruvius, spent a turn making money then triple scorched through her plascrete. But alas she stole the vitruvius on a last click hail mary HQ run.
  • Win vs Iain. I got a ton of econ and a midseasons early, and just didn't rez any ice for ages. He took a bunch of free central accesses and scored a Domestic Sleepers (great addition if you can make the space), so I midseasoned. I psychoed out the vitruvius and then had a glorious turn of fast advancing out an EffCom and an NAPD. Sleepers a couple turns later for the win.

When it goes off this deck is amazing fun! Thanks for sharing it. I think I'm gonna be sticking with it for a while :D

25 Dec 2014 cranked

I'm with @PackBenPack, I really like the idea of 1x Shoot the Moon in here. Combos real well with Peak Efficiency. Maybe drop the Reversed Accounts for it?

26 Dec 2014 moistloaf

I think Archived Memories deserves at least 1 slot. it allows you to ditch your Midseasons/Scorched to Archives until you need them, freeing up HQ slots.

30 Dec 2014 pants on head

I think that Custom Biotics might do Midseason better than NBN, after some playing around with this idea. HB gets to arbitrarily increase agenda density to trigger Midseasons (DS) in a way that doesn't benefit the runner at all. Also, outside of the case of a Project Beale advanced enough to win immediately, both Ares and Vitruvius are much better overadvance agendas. Ares because if you trash all of your opponents installed cards, you can probably manage to score out from there, and Vitruvius because it either turns the 1 copy of Psychographics you see into enough copies to score out every agenda for the rest of the game, or you can just recycle Scorched until the runner falls down.

I think a couple other cards that the deck could try out as one-ofs:

Biotic Labor - I always question any HB deck that doesn't run at least one, as it's usually not hard to find a use for an extra click in a turn.

Fast Track - Combines with Psychographics and Vitruvius to score any agenda from anywhere in your deck each turn.

30 Dec 2014 CobraBubbles

I'm finding that although HB does seem to be able to capitalise on a Midseasons better, I have a harder time taxing the runner to the point that I can land the Midseasons in this deck than in my NBN tagstorm deck. In this list the only really taxing things are Eli, Viktor and Reversed Accounts (potentially NEXT Silver, but Parasite bones that card so hard it doesn't really count for me), and two of those can be clicked through if necessary. My build runs Ichi and Viper as well but it still doesn't feel taxing enough against good Criminal and Shaper decks. The advantage NBN has is that it can run Data Raven/Manhunt/Virgo to give the runner tags without having to land the Midseasons. Then it taxes them through resource-trashing, Closed Accounts, and them spending 2 and a click most turns to clear tags. HB doesn't have access to that approach. Anyone got any ideas on how to make the deck more taxing?

28 Feb 2015 ibrahack

Hi there. I only own one core, so I only have got 2 Rototurrets. What can I use to replace the missing Rototurret? Thanks for your help!

20 Mar 2015 yokhen

I love the idea of this deck, however have you considered putting Mandatory Upgrades instead of Efficiency Committee? The concept seems a lot more certain in order to advance agendas in the case that PA+MR doesn't work a second/third time and you find needing to advance just agendas.

30 May 2015 coyotemoon722

It's next to impossible to scorch six times in this deck. First of all, that's 18 money worth of Scorch. Secondly, you would have to have FIVE Vitruvius counters, and you would have to have a Committee scored and have tagged them with Midseasons. I mean if you do it, it's Achievement Unlocked, but it's pretty hard to do.