Synced Daily

GcFlash 157

Based on Hiddenaway's Syncing Feeling ( I made a couple of changes to include a 🦄 in this case Global Food Initiative which meant dropping the Eli 1.0 for a third Slot Machine and some extra nonsense. Lastly as far as influence changes the Audacity for Shipment from Tennin which I feel is a better card in this deck given people often don't want to run every turn against SYNC: Everything, Everywhere and that you are often holding game winning cards in hand.

The other big change was Daily Quest instead of Rashida Jaheem as I felt you really don't need the draw in a 44 card deck and money is always tight. A single Psychographics was just in case an opponent went tag me and I didn't get High-Profile Target.

My nonsense card was a single Ghost Branch which actually won me a game against Jesminder of all runners.

I think likely changes will be drop Data Ward for a Tollbooth and change the Forced Connection for Prisec allowing a second Shipment from Tennin which I found myself wishing for on a couple of occasions over the Psychographics.