"Just Play Hedge Funds", 5-2, 4th @ BCOM 2022

anarchomushroom 757

The night before the main event of BCOM I was panicking that I'd picked the wrong deck. The Urban Renewal Azef Gagarin was shit and I was regretting not just bringing CTM with me. Cue 1am worrying at the airbnb when cablecarnage just turns to me and goes:

"Why don't you just cut the Urban Renewals and play 3 Hedge Funds?"

So anyway the deck was sick and carried me into the cut with a 4-1 swiss record.

This is a variation of the Snarebears Gagarin that came second at worlds. The idea is to install stuff that the runner can't check because of gag tax and threat of Econ Warfare into HHN, and use your assets to make money and score agendas either off the board or with Dedi Recoco. Your agenda suite is pretty well suited to this plan, everything bar Food is FA-able. Plus you have the kill threat to just get easy wins.

In swiss it beat 2 Big Lad Maxx, Wu, and Alice, losing to cpt_nice's Deep Dive Smoke. In the cut it beat Steve and lost to Big Lad Maxx. Highlights include:

  • Triple econ warfare into Jeeves click HHN

  • Triple advance an Azef on the board, get a Jeeves click, score the Azef, and using HPT to kill the double tagged runner

The deck feels very good. It needs some refinement. A second Audacity would be great, and ideally some better draw filtering. It's likely worse than CTM but is still strong and still dunks on runners who just want value.

Overall, great weekend, very happy with my finish, congrats to Jakuza for winning the whole thing. Massive thank you to PSK, Mark, Vesper, and Percomis for running and organising everything. It was wonderful and a blast to finally meet folks and put faces to usernames.

5 Apr 2022 tamuraakemi

Interesting. Do you think a Hostile might be worth it to guarantee some Atlas wins?

5 Apr 2022 anarchomushroom

Nah. Hostiles are pretty dead early on and late game you still have Audacity out a 3 pointer as a win condition.

5 Apr 2022 Cpt_nice

^ and bp is pretty brutal for this deck I assume. Nice one! Goes to show etr's are overrated.

5 Apr 2022 anarchomushroom

Hostile is a fine include in the version that played 4/2s, but you have 3/2s so you can audacity out the 7th point. No need for Hostile

5 Apr 2022 thebigunit3000

likely worse than CTM


5 Apr 2022 anarchomushroom

Sorry, "likely worse than CtM for now"

6 Apr 2022 Larrea

Told you you'd get into top 8!