Poisonous Herbs Garden (Euros 29th/x3 Nationals 2017 Top 8)

Kelfecil 1806

29th European Tournament 2017 5th/6th Spanish Nationals 2017 7th/8th Dutch Nationals 2017

Euros Report and full deck explanation here: LINK

and Spanish Nationals report here: LINK

3rd best Euros Jinteki (could have easily been 2nd) Best Trap / Shell Game / Mind Games Euros deck. 1st best Jinteki in Spain. 2nd best Jinteki in the Netherlands.

Link to Euros Runner deck: LINK

21 Jul 2017 jospanther

How do you feel about incorporating Obokata Protocol?

1 Aug 2017 Kelfecil

Hey @jospanther, the agenda you are suggesting makes it harder to keep up with the long game and is also a very easy target for Film Critic (which pretty much most of the runners have anyway now) so I wouldn't say it is a good choice, despite the fact that it still reduces the agenda density nicely.