Welcome to DomeTown! (Top 8 Canadian Nationals)

goodknite 142

Breached Window
The DOOOMES! They're breaching and we don't know how to fix them. The goal is to make the Runner encounter Breached Dome wherever they go. On my best games I managed to set up about 7 accesses of it which is DEVASTATING! Expecting to see alot of Stargate and Turning wheel accesses, I figured Snare was not gonna land as much as I wanted it to, So for 4 less credits and 1 less hit you can run Breached Dome and recur it as often as possible into the deck. Also News Team as a feelbad card, helped make each access as painful as possible. There isn't much for tag punishment but the ability to trash a film critic if they float tags is worth it. There is a singleton Closed Accounts as a slap to any Tag me Runners that I came across.

First matchup was against Hayley Stargate, I rused them into running the psychic field after they dieseled up turn 1 which set them back alot then managed to get a couple key scores of Chronos Project to remove the clot from the equation and some breakers.

Second matchup was against Good stuff Valencia. they were running aumakua, and to build up counters they kept running my HQ with Mwanza City Grid, eventually giving me over 100 credits. They conceded after getting down to 2 cards remaining and only 4 points.

3rd Matchup I played another Valencia, who rebirthed into Omar. It went on for a while but they wantoned most of my stuff into archives but didn't have a sentry breaker that wasn't RFG'd so I put 2 anansi protecting archives and they challenged it and flatlined before getting in.

Overall it went really well losing only 1 matchup, Attitude adjustment was MVP and Anansi, and Mwanza. I would love to go to 3 shipment but the runner not making a successful run is rare as most of the ice is porous.

18 Nov 2019 Zerothmaxima

Developing a Domes hand signal so you could flex on stream is the hottest tech I've seen in years.