Kill MM - 7th @ GLC SC

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pre Salvaged Memories list

Thanks to Dirjel and DanB for organizing the event, Saan, 5N00P1 and Ed for testing and my opponents for the fun games I had with this deck. Based on this list.

tl;dr: fun kill list for king of servers, not fun with open decklists


The idea is to make a lot of money, tax the runner a lot, then steal the runner 2 clicks, HHN them and then BOOM!

Ways of stealing 2 clicks:

As no peace of the acutal kill is in faction influce is tight. With Consulting Visit providing some much needed flexability we are locked in playing 6 weyland cards, which there are not a lot of with 1 influence. Altough i kinda like Roughneck as most runners decide that after using it 2 times maybe they should actually trash it. And it's fun against Val.

Most games were won on slim credit margins, so Slot Machine is a must for me in the list. It is also great against Hippo (ICE destruction kills this list)

NGO Front and Lateral Growth provide MM value during setup, advancing NGO over 2 turns when the bluff is not needed.


The deck wants to find its killpieces, so maybe swap Lateral Growth to Violet Level Clearance for the draw.

How it plays

The biggest advantage this list has is that it's purple. I've had many games where the runner died, simply because they did not see it coming.

Common problem are:

  • Misdirection just steal another click
  • Citadel Sanctuary same as above and have boom in hand
  • No One Home first HHN is to clear this, then somehow climb back up credit wise
  • On the Lam prob as above?
  • disruption the worst. try to keep HQ save
  • ICE destruction makes runs too cheap and disruption too easy

Always try to drag the runner through your remote. It does not matter if it has no etr's, it's all about taxing. let them steal that agenda, if it means, that you can kill them afterwards. always try to get an early False Lead. Sometimes it is worth using your MCA for it. With Voting Machine Initiative + MCA Austerity Policy it is sometimes possible to just score out by halfing the turns of your opponents.


I got lucky in swiss and dropped only one game. In the cut with open decklists I promptly lost two times with this listand was out. Due to the weekly format I can only remember my first cut game against Valkyriez, watchable here.
I could pick sides and made the mistake of picking corp. I knew No One Home was gonna be rough, but as they had no disruption i felt save. And stealing Bad Pub was very fun before. Then they rebirthed into Alice and I struggled from there on out. Very well played by them :)

Tournament netrunner is one of the most exhilarating things for me and having this feeling weekly for 2 moths was a blast. Can recommend joining the disocord.