[Startup] Spinning Murderman - 2nd Warsaw CO

Toluvel 123

This is a slightly modified version of the Passionate Murderman deck by DoubleK, that placed 1st in the Copenhagen CO. Notable changes include adding 3x Spin Doctor instead of some econ pieces (I disliked Hansei Review in this deck) and 1 Malapert Data Valult.

The premise is still the same, we can win by creating a nasty triple advanced server with Daniela and Angelique and try to kill the runner with Fujii + Neurospike or a 2 point agenda + double neurospike. Scoring out is also an option if they are very careful and you don't draw Neurospikes. Of course you can win if the runner is not careful too :)

I think this a reasonable choice in the meta, although BTL with Clearinghouse seems just overall stronger. Yet this can surprise people sometimes and is good against decks that target BTL, since we have very little ice. The deck went 3-2 in the Warsaw CO, with two of the wins on a Fuji + Neurospike combo and one when a runner got a little too brave ;) The losses were due to agenda flood mostly, losing an early Fuji is a big hit, drawing all three in top 10 cards is not ideal too ;)

I have limited experience playing the deck so I suspect it's even stronger than I described and really makes the runner play YOUR game, so if you want to be in the driver's seat - try it out!

11 Jun 2024 DoubleK

Congrats on 3x murder :)

You're totally right that this deck forces the runner react to YOUR game. That's also why I went with no Spin Doctors and use Hanseis instead to have more gas and try to end the game early. Did you have any economy issues without the Hanseis?

12 Jun 2024 Toluvel

Hey DoubleK, the congrats are also to you, very cool deck idea :)

Most of the time I did not have any money issues, I think our economy is robust enough to do what we want to do. I could be perhaps persuaded to add in a second (or third?) Charlotte, having her in the remote for 2-3 turns before we are ready to threaten lethal is great! And she can be a great bluff too. With Hansei's I never knew what to trash as many cards here are essential.

I general I feel the deck is really tightly built so it's hard to make changes without weakening it, however I didn't playtest enough to really draw some meaningful conclusions.

12 Jun 2024 DoubleK

Yes, Charlotte is also what I was considering for the economy slots but went with Hanseis instead because I already had too many agendas, traps and Regoliths to jam in the remote. Would be interesting to try your idea with 3x Charlotte and play with multiple remotes :)

12 Jun 2024 Toluvel

I actually jam it into the one remote and leave Regoliths unprotected but try to use them agressively. Unprotected Charlotte is pretty bad in general I think