See How They Run

See How They Run 4/2

Agenda: Psi - Security

When you score this agenda, give the Runner 1 tag. Play a Psi Game. (Players secretly bid 0–2[credit]. Then each player reveals and spends their bid.) If the bids differ, do 1 core damage. If the bids match, do 1 net damage.

“Be patient. When the prey panics, they lead you right to their friends.”
—Adrian Seis
Illustrated by Benjamin Giletti
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Rebellion Without Rehearsal (rwr)

#105 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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One of the most effective tag and bag cards ever, and it's in Jinteki.

What a world we live in.

Most notably, in Jinteki: Personal Evolution, this and a single End of the Line is a kill. Install it in a remote and advance it twice, either behind some ICE you're confident the runner can't get past or a poker face you're confident the runner can't read. On your next turn, or whenever you draw your kill card, finish out the score. You'll do one net damage from the ID and 1 from the Psi-game. A normal runner will have 3 cards in hand at this point, opening them up for what we in the business call an expedited retirement.

There are holes: hand size increases, instant tag removal, and an unlucky hit on a Steelskin Scarring among some of the most likely. There's also the problem of a kill package requiring the score of an agenda, a 4/2, the hardest kind to score. Seamless Launch doesn't really help you here because you need a click leftover anyway. Still, it's a pretty simple plan, requiring only two moving parts. No runs required, only 7 credits plus money for ICE rezzes, and no instant draws from the runner.

Jinteki's move into tag and bag makes a lot of sense! A Teia: IP Recovery is a bounty hunting corporation, which is probably the coolest Jinteki ID thematically. This could even work in that ID if you advance a Clearinghouse or something out along with this, but PE is the cleanest way to do it.

See How They Run? See how they die.

(Rebellion Without Rehearsal era)