*Inflates ICE making it big and round* 3-1 @IT Startup (8th)

KrysNB 113

This is a vanilla glacier BTL. It wants to make a big remote server, slap a Wall to Wall and a Cayambe Grid inside it, keep inflating ICE until they cost a lot to break, then chain-score agendas.

The Anoetic Void is a really good combo with Cayambe, because if runners REALLY need to get into the remote they will pay a lot of money for a single access, and if they don't they just bounce off the Cayambe, saving you the discard.

1st game was against a Lat: Ethical Freelancer who ran into an Archer and was set back for long enough to let me build my server and score my 7 points with no real problems.

2nd game was against my and guiot's Naptime Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter. I was able to build the remote and score up to 6 points including a Cyberdex Sandbox, but I was careless and left R&D too open and lost just before scoring my last agenda.

3rd game was against a really good Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist who hammered me pretty hard with Stargate, but I managed once again to lock the runner out of the remote, proc Cayambe and Anoetic two times on the last turn and score my last agenda with exactly 0 creds.

4th game was against another Hoshiko who, once again, scored 6 points with Stargate, but I found the last Hostile Takeover first and got the win.

I think this deck needs a bit more tweaking to be perfect but overall it's pretty strong. I also need to learn to protect R&D.

24 Apr 2021 m.p

Cayambe Grid is banned

24 Apr 2021 YsengrinSC

Not in Startup!

5 May 2021 Sidkah

Oh my god I love this deck name. Too funny!