How I met your Midseasons

phette23 2236

2nd at At Ease store champs in San Diego, 4-2 on the day. Beat Andy, Geist, Apex, & Leela. Lost to the same Geist & Leela.

Props to @aleph_c since the core of the list is theirs, I changed all of 3 cards but those changes included adding Stinson. Props to @murphy for theorycrafting this deck with me on the eight-hour drive down to San Diego. Props to @stephene & @tzeentchling for a lot of great Netrunner in the tournament. Props to @inniscor for the stream.

Slops to Aaron Marron for being broken & ruining my beautiful Data Raven-into-Data Ward remotes. Slops to Medium for making lists without virus hate suck.

"Stinson will never fire"

So here's the thing: Stinson is a better card than it appears. Yes, runners are rich, but they almost all dip below six credits at some point. You can capitalize on this whether it's expected or not. As with all Weyland cards, he's better in NBN because NBN has better taxing ICE & can force the runner to respond to a rezzed SanSan. I think Stinson fired in every game but one (I flooded out pretty badly in the Leela loss) & made absurd credit totals, including a net of 55 credits in one game (all 3 Hedge Fund, 2 Restructure).

In particular, Stinson has synergy with Midseason Replacements. You often go very low to land a Midseasons & if the runner pays into it, Stinson is the best possible recovery econ. A funnier play we thought of, but I never actually used on the day, was to "causal Midseasons": fire off a Midseasons for all but two of your credit pool even if it's less than the runner's credits, they think you're daft & pay in while dropping below 6, you use Stinson to recover all your lost money. Finally, the corp can siphon the runner.

The 47 other cards

The rest isn't too interesting. Deck slots are tight in Sol. Scarcity of Resources was very good against criminals & four currents are needed for consistency. I'd like to have a better FA scoring plan; the Global Foods are difficult to score without Midseasons-Psychographics. NAPD was great in every game.

News Hound is MVP of the ICE suite, as usual. Ward seals up the win if you do land a Midseasons. I never played an Anarch or Sifr Shaper on the day, which was what the Lotus Fields were for. They felt underwhelming but are also a very necessary ETR. After discussing a little post mortem, Magnet seems strictly better. Does the same job for two fewer credits.

And hey, it's a list without Friends in High Places. Imagine that! Gee golly.

7 Feb 2017 tzeentchling

Need that Sub Boost secret tech to make those Data Ward valid in an Aaron Marrón meta!

Good games though, both of them.

7 Feb 2017 EnderA

I would guess that Targeted Marketing does a lot of work against Parasite/Şifr.

7 Feb 2017 rojazu

Sol always looks amazing on paper and fails to deliver in reality. I will certainly test this iteration though having had fun with stinson in babw but it not quite being competitive. What would your first cuts be for 1-2 cvs/macrophage?

7 Feb 2017 ANRguybrush

So a Weyland card that's better in NBN? What a refreshing surprise. Who would have though that yellow decks actually allow green cards to be played to their full potential?

7 Feb 2017 phette23

@rojazu probably one of the ICE? You could lose a Ward, Raven, or even an Archangel though that's a bit painful. I think Sol needs four currents but those are always on the chopping block if things get tight.

7 Feb 2017 phette23

@EnderA yeah the original list's idea was that TM was a good counter to ParaSifr.

7 Feb 2017 rojazu

thanks I will test -1 Ward +1 Macro -1 Scarcity +1 CVS

7 Feb 2017 spags

I'm been loving Sub, Phage, and Navi in Sol. Latter doesn't stop SIFR, but hurts other things, including Aaron during a run.

7 Feb 2017 Benjen

Stinson is great. He almost never gets trashed and if he does I don't really care. Also, going from 0 to 16 credits in one click is stupid awesome. Nice work at the tourney!

7 Feb 2017 Kaethela

After trying this out for a few games, I cut one of the Jacksons for a Fast Track. I've had several games where I could've won if I either had Beale in hand or a way to get it quickly and couldn't seal the deal, and this should help with consistency.

7 Feb 2017 phette23

@spagsNavi to stop Aaron is a sweet idea, I want to try that out.

9 Feb 2017 Ebrey

Fun games, cool deck!