Brave Enough For Politics - 12th Place, New York Regionals

Sanjay 3555

A lot of people had a rough time during Mumbad cycle, but there is no one it was worse for than Jesminder Sareen.

Her sister Akshara Sareen was running for office and Jesminder, being a good and supportive sibling agreed to help out with the campaign.

Her brother Krishnan Sareen, by contrast, was not a very good or supportive sibling, particularly with regard to how he conspired with Jinteki to have Akshara assassinated.

That was devastating for Jesminder.

Now, after a lot of healing, Jesminder is finally brave enough to get involved in politics again. Thanks to her pal DJ Fenris, Jesminder has a new politician to support: ChiLo's own Liza Talking Thunder.

Hopefully Jesminder has found someone a little less assassination prone this time, because it really would be horrible if after Jes FINALLY summoned the courage to support another candidate, something were to happen to them .

The Price of Freedom

Notes on the deck:

I adore playing Jesminder and she's never been particularly good. But Hot Pursuit is out now and that card gives a new justification to play the ID that she didn't have before. This particular iteration of the deck went 2-3 at NY Regionals so I don't have anything to be too proud about, but I think it hits on some good themes for Jesminder deck building:

  • Maya + Equivocation lets you shred R&D if you can keep the costs of running low enough.
  • Playing Maya means you can cobble together a rig of programs that is really good at dealing with whatever the corp throws at you, which helps with the previous point.
  • Hot Pursuit and Datasucker force the corp to spread out ice even wider on all three central servers, which helps with the previous two points.

For this deck, I think Datasucker and Escher are very good cards for the current meta.

Political Operative was mainly put in the deck for thematic reasons.

Laamb should probably be Inti, though it does give you cool options with using DJ Fenris to get your friend Quetzal.

Levy AR Lab Access isn't that important to the deck.

23 Jul 2018 CodeMarvelous

10/10 would upvote again

24 Jul 2018 Sanjay

If anyone wants to join me in #mirrormode, we got all the hook ups on the latest Jesminder decks.

25 Jul 2018 x-factor103

Me today literally about to post on r/Netrunner for theorycrafting a Jesminder deck.

"I should probably check NRDB first to see if anyone's done some legwork on it first."


Thank you for literally posting this up the day before I needed it! Question on if Levy isn't needed, what would you swap it for? Critic? Free up influence and go E-Strike?

I've actually also been curious about Kyuban and if it would be worth trying out for those repeated RnD runs.

25 Jul 2018 Sanjay

Critic would be lovely. It's not especially important to the deck's game plan, but it is always nice to invalidate some annoying agendas.

Kyubans were in early versions of the deck and I ended up cutting them... I think if you could free up some mu from the breaker suite, that could be a strong idea. I've been really endeared to Engolo lately so I'm not sure!

15 Sep 2018 Agasha

New to building for shaper. Would Clone chip make sense here? Maybe find room for D4 instead of suckers?