OKORINA Sentinel Defense Program Big Brain

Sokka 1441

OKORINA 2 is coming up! What an exciting time! I added Sentinel Defense Program to the ID pool after finishing top of the last tournament. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to this one, but I feel obligated to share my deck for the ID so I hope you enjoy! I also hope there are others who may be looking for a fun Corp deck and would like to represent this lethal ID! My Stim Dealer deck can be found here.

I think the best thing about Sentinel’s ability is that it makes Brainstorm immediately lethal if it fires unless the runner has 0 cards in hand. In standard Netrunner, there’s no ice that a runner can run into that outright kills them no matter how many cards they have in hand, which makes this actually more powerful than at first glance. On the surface it means that no runner will want to face check early unless they’re equipped to break Brainstorm; so hedge fund up to 9 credits, stay at or above 9 credits, and you likely won’t have to worry about early pressure until the runner has a sentry breaker.

So how do we make it fire after they have a sentry breaker? The main trick is Helheim Servers, which lets you pump that Brainstorm to 12 strength. There is also Ganked and The Twins, which both not only makes the runner break it again, but also adds subs to it each time as well. There’s actually a lot of bluffing here too. With so much facedown cards going into the remote, the runner won’t know if it’s Helheim, Ganked, Twins, Rashida, or Echo Chamber, so it’s very difficult for them to try to play around a specific one.

That’s it! Remember, all you need is a few Brainstorm subs to fire on ONE OCCASION. So rush out 3 points early. Then fire your Tranquility Home Grid once each turn. All you need is an Echo Chamber and one more agenda to win the game so the runner will be forced to run your taxing remote over and over until they run low on money and die!

Would love to hear some thoughts about the deck and GLHF at OKORINA 2 for those attending!