Skorpios TV Systems [Three-way rig removal.]

smoons 170

Decklists usually consist of TLDR stories, but I'd like to keep it short.

The deck is pretty self-explanatory as all of my published decks. Keep trashing the TV to remove your opponent's top deck, hopefully a Killer and gg immediately guaranteed. Bio-Ethics Association and Ibrahim Salem will serve the same function.

Use Team Sponsorship or Friends in High Places to recur the trashed TV, and repeat the above steps.

IA a naked Underway Renovation and let them steal it, then punish the runner by Hunter Seeker.

Housekeeping is also kind of king in this deck.

To summarize, rig is removed in three ways: 1. If not drawn, TV or Underway Renovation. 2. If draw, Bio-ethics or Ibrahim or Prisec. 3. If installed, Hunter Seeker (to include or not to include Best Defense???).

"Skorpios TV Systems" is tested for several games in Jnet but remain unpolished, please channel your creativity and make Weyland great again!

"Might make right" instead of "Might makes right".

27 Apr 2017 obscurica

Oh, clever. I'd forgotten that Kala Ghoda Real TV even exists.

28 Apr 2017 smoons

@obscurica Watching lots of TV makes us stupid~

28 Apr 2017 Friff14

It seems a little light on the ice. Do you find you have enough ice to score out once you have removed their breakers? Even though you're Skorpios, I can see a parasite or two doing serious damage to you.

28 Apr 2017 smoons

@Friff14 Don't really think ice destruction is a major threat as there are plentiful recursion like Friends in High Places and Team Sponsorship.

2 May 2017 CWoodward
3 May 2017 Rahrhino

@Friff14 I am playing a modified version of this deck and I find that it has the necessary recursion. Remember that when they insta-parasite a vanilla or quandary that parasite is rfg and the ice is cheap to replace :)

5 May 2017 smoons

@CWoodward Hostile Infrastructure works if well protected hmm... @Rahrhino I am still polishing the ice suite, any recommendation?

7 May 2017 Aryn

I'd swap Restructure for IPO later on here, it's basically the same but 2 credits cheaper to get going.

23 May 2017 Rahrhino

@smoons Here is my list... Still changing a lot and by no means perfect :)